The Culture Of Influence

While “influence” is a centuries old concept, the idea of an “influencer” as a role one plays on social media—or in marketing—is actually a very nascent concept. Google Trends shows that the term only took off four years ago, when it began a notable rise in the U.S. and worldwide. Fast forward to present and the influencer marketing industry is poised to nearly double between 2019 and 2022, when it is expected to top $15 billion. What’s more, 86% of Millennials and Gen Zs want to be influencers themselves.

With everyone trying to be an influencer and so many brands paying influencers large sums to reach and (potentially) impact their target consumers, this relatively new aspect of marketing can feel like the Wild West—not only for brands but also for consumers themselves. It can feel like influencer trends spring up quickly and fizzle out just as fast; in this report we have identified the movements that are poised to last because they connect with core consumer behaviors and values. Their unique relationship with their audience and with culture is what gives influencers their influence, and this is what brands need to understand in order to successfully play in this space.

There are many surprising insights and valuable strategic recommendations ahead in the pages of this report to help brands better understand what makes an influencer and how to make the most of working with them. This group has the attention of Millennials and Zs, and they’re not going away any time soon. Brands that understand what drives this influencer-consumer connection can not only seem more relevant to young people but also capitalize on the emerging Culture Of Influence.

Available exclusively for Cassandra members, The Culture Of Influence highlights the key characteristics and strategies that drive the relationship between influencers and consumers, providing your brand an insightful playbook to make the most of your influencer marketing. Start reading to:

  • Discover what The Impact Of Influence means for the future of the influencer marketing industry
  • Dive into The Hive Mind to learn about stan and cancel culture, as well as how your brand can harness the power of the social voice
  • Let The New Social Order guide your brand through the different echelons of the influencer marketing space
  • Explore how influencers are displaying their Life For Like[s] in this piece all about oversharing online
  • Learn about why modern youth are, in many ways, Over The Influence, and are now seeking out influencers who are genuine and transparent
  • Learn about Influence Buy Category and how your brand can capitalize on different influencers and the specific interests of their followers
  • Take in these Tips From The Influencer Industry to get the inside scoop on this ever-growing market
  • Gain insight from Influencer Marketing Tips, which breaks down the findings of this report and offers advice on how your brand can get in on the action
  • Check out what’s happening across different influencer markets around the world in Global Influencer Trends