The Picture of Health Intro

Following up to our most recent State of Mind report, we are glad to introduce our Picture of Health report. While the novel coronavirus pandemic has dominated much of the physical health arena in 2020, Cassandra wanted to capture how being home has impacted the everyday eating and exercise behaviors among young adults.

Cassandra discovered that across each of these two domains, young consumers are taking advantage of more modular, modern schedules and the accessibilities they have in their at-home environment. Without “hard pants” to hold them back, today’s young consumers are adopting a customized and intuitive approach to food and fitness, which looks like little bits of snacking and squatting in between meetings. What's more, they're ditching strict diets and workout regimens in favor of a more intuitive approach to wellness.

Time spent at home is giving young adults a unique chance to tune into and trust their bodies more. However, they are turning to healthcare professionals for their medical questions regarding their mental and physical health, which is helping give rise to the growing telehealth landscape. While the majority of young adults hold medical providers in high regard, some are finding their trust in traditional systems, including healthcare, has been seriously shaken in 2020, leaving ample opportunity for those in the healthcare vertical to reestablish greater trust going forward.

Check out our Picture of Health report, which explores the evolving attitudes and behaviors of young adults as they relate to food, fitness, and medicine.

  • Read up on what All You(th) Can Eat this year, as young adults adopt a more individualized and intuitive approach to eating. Whether they're snacking on healthy food or indulging in nostalgic treats, the new consumer foodscape is predicated on snackable customization that fits Millennials' and Gen Zs' unique needs.
  • Explore how young adults are getting active through DIY, high-tech, and outdoor workouts. This new era of Flexible Fitness champions inclusivity and provides opportunities for everyone to exercise.
  • Examine Innovation and Trust in Healthcare to discover how the events of 2020 have impacted young adults' trust in the medical system, which generational cohort is less trusting, and whether young adults would give the vaccine a shot.


72% of U.S. Trendsetters set goals to improve their diet/eating habits

40% of U.S. Trendsetters have reduced/eliminated processed foods from their diet

45% of Millennials engage in livestream workouts

64% of Gen Zs say being healthy and physically fit is important to their idea of success

45% of Millennials don't trust the government with medical information

80% of U.S. Trendsetters are open to having a virtual mental health service appointment