Intro — The Great Re-port on Work

The Great Re-port on Work

Dear Hiring Manager,

I saw the recent posting for your Gen Z employee position and instantly felt compelled to rage apply as I start to prioritize my personal and professional goals - hopefully without falling into that “dream job” trope, which, let's be honest, isn’t the be-all and end-all in today’s unstable landscape.

I may be pretty new to the labor market, but keep in mind that by 2030, I will make up 30% of the U.S. workforce, and while I may lack what you consider “experience,” and the slang that I use might confuse you, these should be looked at as assets to your company because I have skills that your company will need to survive. Not to mention how my perspectives on culture, social issues, a greater global awareness, and yes, even the fact that I keep up with every TikTok trend can help to keep YOU relevant.

Yes, I have witnessed the great resignation and great reshuffle, and I watch older generations try to make sense of the great reset, but I do not subscribe to the great regret. In fact, every time I see a “great anything,” it makes me roll my eyes (except, of course, for The Great British Bake-off). We are far more nuanced than that, don’t try to sum us up so quickly.

As a generation, I have been labeled as coddled and unwilling—or unable—to work hard. These accusations so completely miss the mark as I am, in fact, one of the most accomplished generations, and thanks to my curious and digital-savvy nature, I am extremely capable, adaptable, and forward-thinking. And, in full transparency, I'll likely be hustling on the side, but please take that to mean that I’m continuing to upskill myself - clearly, a win-win for us all.

I am motivated to excel and will put in the time and effort to strive for emotional, professional, and financial success with a company such as yours that rewards collaboration and innovative ideas. But don’t try to entice me with ping pong tables and unlimited snacks, I’m looking to work where I can prioritize my mental health, healing, and have my boundaries respected.

Honestly, doesn't it feel backward to define ourselves by our work? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I will not allow work to interfere with my self-esteem and identity and will champion making this the new standard just as I champion the labor movement overall.

I have included a copy of my resume and would like to schedule a time to evaluate each other, learn more about your experiences within the organization, and discuss this exciting opportunity further.

See yas later,

Gen Z