Intro — The Luxury Edition

The Luxury Edition

Gen Zs are growing up with access to so much information about the way the world works, including a hyper-awareness of the importance of branding. This extends to the importance of personal brands or the narratives people construct to present themselves to the world and even to themselves. Not a generation to be dictated to, Gen Zs take control of crafting their own narratives and do so with full awareness and intentionality. Because for Gen Z, you are the story you tell.

This perspective into the inner workings of the world, along with its practicality, has been extended to various facets of their lives. They assign meaning to everything that happens around them and everything they do. And this extends to luxury. The twist here is that while branding is usually focused on the rest of the world, Gen Z continues to show how their most important relationship is the one they have with themselves. You won’t find them trying to justify their expensive purchases or shying away from telling you how much money they saved by buying a dupe. Because, really, what’s the point of being embarrassed by any of it? Gen Zs will tell you they’re too busy navigating their journey into adulthood during this wildly tumultuous time in history. So if a Senreve backpack -or an almost imperceptible copy of it- brings them joy, that’s all the reason they need to make the purchase. And while luxury may not be the main character in every Gen Z’s story, it does play an intriguing, complicated, and occasionally absurd recurring role.