The Purpose & Polarization Report

Last year, when Cassandra decided to update our 2016 Impact Report with the latest youth POV on politics and social causes, we had little clue about the storm on the horizon. Today, as we launch our Purpose & Polarization Report in the midst of a generation defining moment in history—the pandemic caused by Covid-19—brand purpose and your ability to rise above partisanship and polarity for the greater good has never been more important, especially in the eyes of modern youth.

Cassandra’s Purpose & Polarization Report highlights key trends in social issues, politics, and the polarization gripping young people today—all of which have touchpoints with their response to the pandemic. In this report...

  • Dive into A Defining Moment to understand the social, political, technological, and cultural drivers of polarization and how your brand can pierce through the chaos, especially in the midst of a global crisis such as Covid-19.
  • Check out OK, Boomer! to get to the root cause of the intergenerational tension between Zs and their elders and understand what this means for the future of generation relations.
  • Explore Live, Not Buy to learn about how Gen Z’s coming of age story and generational outlook are shaping the way they approach activism.
  • Learn how polarization paralysis, explored in No Joy In Division, is impacting the ways in which modern youth approach their personal relationships, their consumption of news media, and emergent cultural events.
  • Get answers to the question, “Would You(th) Care For A Cause?in this piece that explores whether modern youth actually care when brands get involved in social causes or political issues, as well as differences in how each generation perceives such brand initiatives.
  • Gain insight from Alternative Education on how the pivot to being a purveyor of trusted information can be the opportunity for a brand to stand out, especially among modern youth who believe it important to be an informed citizen.
  • New in this report is our Category Lens. This examines the implications of Purpose & Polarization across different industries—from entertainment to transportation—and provides inspiration on how brands can navigate today’s polarized climate.

We want to share what we’re learning from young people so we can all be smarter and better in this latest era that will certainly continue to challenge brands and marketers to maintain their cultural relevance.

If you have burning questions or impending challenges that you need help investigating as your brand or business faces this uncertain time, Cassandra is here to help. As a Cassandra member, we encourage you to reach out to us for support and expert guidance from our cultural insights and strategy specialists.