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Insights & Intelligence

We inform strategic brand decisions by identifying the critical cultural shifts on the horizon through our deep understanding of young consumers' emerging preferences and actionable insights.

Cassandra Report Membership

The Cassandra Report enables businesses to drive growth by anticipating and capitalizing on key trends and cultural shifts affecting the market today and years ahead.

Membership includes a 12-month engagement with our insights platform where you will have access to the leading syndicated study of the behaviors, mindsets, and preferences of young consumers, as well as cross-industry examples and implications to inspire your brand.

Membership Benefits: Get access to our proprietary insights via our digital platform, along with strategy support, webinars, and newsletters exclusive to membership.

Partner Up: In addition to providing tailored on-boarding sessions for your team, we will serve as your partner to interpret the latest insights, strategies, and action items that matter most for your business.

Dive Deep: Keep your company on the pulse of culture through our continuously updated knowledge bank of more than 500 macrotrends and 10,000 unique data tables and charts.

Thought Leadership by Cassandra

Thought Leadership by Cassandra positions brands to be the forerunners of their industry and drives partnerships and ad sales conversations by guiding them to develop a future-forward POV on young consumers.

These custom studies surface emerging consumer behaviors,help brands gain a new understanding of their habits, and illustrate the impact of youth's perceptions and attitudes on their businesses.

Market Intelligence Profile

Market Intelligence Profiles allow brands tap into Cassandra's wealth of knowledge to answer key business questions and unlock opportunities.

Our insights professionals tailor these curated reports to your specific objectives, providing a robust portrait of relevant consumer habits, perceptions, and attitudes, as well as case studies of successful brands.

Cultural Strategy

Cassandra Cultural Strategy drives brand relevance and propels companies ahead of the competition by leveraging cultural and consumer truths from our proprietary intelligence.

Insights Immersion Presentations

Jumpstart your brand’s future with an Insights Immersion Presentation where our insights and strategy professionals will provide a fresh perspective on your target consumer by leveraging the full Cassandra knowledge bank to paint a portrait of their distinct values, aspirations, and behaviors.

Presentations will equip your brand to be a market leader today—and remain relevant tomorrow. Live presentations include a deep dive into the insights, concrete marketplace examples, actionable strategies for implementation, and a Q+A session.

Ideation Workshops

Workshops identify the most relevant opportunity spaces that will drive optimal consumer engagement by translating cultural insights into strategic business decisions.

These half- or full-day workshops begin with a one-hour presentation of consumer insights and trends that are most relevant to your brand’s industry and challenges provided by a Cassandra Strategist. After addressing questions and opening up the dialogue among participants, Cassandra will lead an ideation session with brand teams to identify the white spaces and opportunities for your brand to differentiate itself in the marketplace through a series of mapping exercises and strategy activities.

Cultural Strategy by CASSANDRA

Cassandra’s cultural strategists partner with brand, marketing, and innovation teams to shape future-forward strategic territories and translate them into tangible concepts and prototypes for strategy creation, brand partnerships, and innovation initiatives.

As your Cultural Strategy partner, Cassandra will leverage its proprietary trends and insights to guide your brand’s planning cycle and drive its integration with various business units and your internal agency partners through a seamless process, from insight to action.

Custom Research

Cassandra Research Strategy enables your organization to better understand the voices of your current and future customers to inform marketing, strategy, and product development decisions. Leveraging Cassandra’s proprietary insights ensures you never start from scratch and that each research initiative builds off of our foundational knowledge to achieve net-new insights that your brand can act on.

Cassandra Collective Community of Trendsetters

The Cassandra Collective™ is our exclusive, always-on online community of over 1,500 creative, passionate, and trendsetting Millennials and Gen Zs.

This dynamic group of engaged consumers informs and empowers leading companies and brands. Innovative companies leverage The Cassandra Collective™ to test marketing and communication concepts and ideate on new products and concepts with Millennials and Gen Zs (aged 14–34) through a mix of Videos, Photos, Co-creation Exercises, Blogs, Social and Organic Interactions, and more.


With our consulting solutions, we will combine our cultural knowledge, expertise, and teams across disciplines to provide a tailored offering to meet your specific needs.

Our fully customized offerings are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. Create your own plan by choosing from any of our quantitative solutions including brand tracking, ad/concept testing, product and business development, segmentations, correspondence mapping, and CHAID and regression analysis. Additionally, Cassandra offers custom qualitative solutions including IDIs/Focus groups, ethnographies, and Pre/Post testing.

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