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Tricks Of The Trade-Off

As brands chase innovation, they need to help reduce the downsides that come with it, and ensure they offer young consumers an emotional connection in an increasingly digital world.

Need For Speed

As modern youth are accustomed to instant gratification, they consider speed fundamental to innovation, which is causing brands to evolve the ways in which they operate and engage with consumers.

Digital Wellbeing Movement

Young people are seeking help controlling their dependence on technology, causing brands to make digital wellness a priority in order to offset the negative effects of digital overload.


In today’s digital world where human connection can feel elusive, modern youth are turning to technology to fulfill their emotional needs and increasingly expect tech to be humanlike.

The Invisibles

As young consumers seek to tone down tech's dominance, they're increasingly gravitating towards devices that are discreet, rather than those that stand out.

State Of The Art

As A.I. is being trained to supplement the creative process, brands have new ways to enrich their creative assets, but they need to ensure they still emphasize the involvement of the human creators to resonate with modern youth.

Future Of Entertainment

Innovations in entertainment that are shaping the future of film and television, music, and gaming.

Future Of Fashion & Retail

Innovations in fashion and retail that are redefining textile development, the potential for a data-based economy, and the way consumers shop online and off.

Future Of Food & Beverage

Innovations in food & beverage that are redefining the future of mealtime, healthy eating, and how food is developed and consumed.

Future Of Healthcare & Medicine

Innovations in healthcare and medicine offer new ways for consumers to achieve a high quality of life.

Future Of Travel, Transportation, & Infrastructure

Innovations in technology that are reshaping the future of travel, transportation, and infrastructure.

Innovation IRL: Profiles Of Modern Youth

An ethnography of young people’s innovation usage over the course of a week.

Innovation Marketing Tips

These marketing tips and examples offer guidance and inspiration for innovation around young people's values.

Global Innovation Trends

A snapshot of how innovation is manifesting around the world.

Culture First, Country Second


If content aligns with modern youth's personal taste, they'll embrace it from any country, meaning brands need to be on top of culture from everywhere to understand what can spread anywhere.

Global Culture Marketing Tips


These marketing tips and examples offer guidance and inspiration for engaging global youth around popular culture.

Purposeful Pop


Young people are seeking out popular culture that includes a meaningful message, teaches a cultural lesson, or incites change.

Origin Story


Increasingly, young consumers want to consume foreign popular culture in its original form, rather than versions that are adapted for their country.

Eco Chic


Eco-friendly innovation is poised to become more en vogue as young people around the world combat their carbon footprint with fashion that is both sustainable and stylish.

Pop In


Global youth are increasingly placing their own image in elements of popular culture to engage with content in a highly personal way and become stars in their own right.

15 Minutes Of Fandom


The ways in which young people express their fandom has evolved to become more subtle and nuanced than in years past, though this doesn't mean they care less about culture and brands.

Culture Spotlight On China


Chinese youth are finding new ways to display luxury, turning to street brands and gym routines.

Culture Spotlight On Australia


The latest Australian exports include movies and fashion.

Culture Spotlight On Indonesia


In Indonesia, music goes hardcore while fashion trends toward modesty.