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As the result of a catastrophic pandemic mired in political mayhem, Gen Z is rethinking everything.

Cassandra's 2021 Glossary

Main character, girlboss, cheugy? What are the words you use to describe 2021?

The Cassandra 2022 OutLOOK

The Top Trends Defining Youth Culture in 2022

Leveling Up

It is time to rethink everything you thought you knew about gamers.




The Home Stretch

Are We There Yet?

Looking Forward to Family

Looking Forward to Family

Risk/Reward Calculus

Exploring how Millennials and Gen Zs approach post-pandemic life


Introducing Cassandra’s Millennial Segmentation

Not Monolithic: Gen Z Segmentation

Introducing Cassandra’s Gen Z Segmentation

Cassandra's 2020 Glossary

Unprecedented, upsetting, unusual? What are the words you use to describe 2020?

Webinar: Trends & Trendsetters

Our last client webinar of 2020.

Cassandra's 2021 Outlook

The Top Trends Defining Youth Culture in 2021

Flexible Fitness

How young adults are embracing inclusive & connected exercise in 2020.

Innovation & Trust in Healthcare

Probing young adult interest and participation in the telehealth space, as well as trust in healthcare overall.

All You(th) Can Eat

Exploring Gen Z and Millennial food & beverage preferences and dietary habits.

"Cassandra Sessions 2020 | Acceleration" Event Recording

PTSD: The Pandemic, Turmoil, & Social Disruption

Unpacking the collective trauma experienced by today’s Gen Zs and Millennials

From Service To Support

The new customer service renaissance and how it now serves young adults’ mental health

Loneliness & The Pandemic

Examining young adults’ attitudes around loneliness in the context of the pandemic

Race & Equality in Everyday Life

Gen Zs and Millennials report greater cultural awareness, but their actions are still catching up.