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Life, Online

To be alive in 2022 is to be online. And to be online is to be on social media. In this global youth report, we examine the ever-evolving role social media platforms play in our lives today.


As the result of a catastrophic pandemic mired in political mayhem, Gen Z is rethinking everything.

If You’re Reading This, It’s (Not?) Too Late

Cassandra's 2022 Sustainability Report

Seeing Green

The Cassandra Cannabis Report

Young And Hungry

Cassandra's 2022 Food and Beverage Report

Gen Alpha — Generation Infinite

Cassandra's 2022 Gen Alpha Report

Millennials Traveling with their Gen Alpha Kids — 10 Things to Know

Cassandra's 2022 Travel Report

Analog Learning In The Digital Age — The Future Of Education

Cassandra's 2022 Education Report

Fact or (Science) Fiction? — What's Real in the Metaverse?

Cassandra's 2022 Tech and Metaverse Report

Cassandra Sessions 2022: The Big Pivot

Cassandra Sessions 2022: The Big Pivot

The Fresh Face of Self-Expression

Cassandra's 2022 Beauty and Grooming Report

TikTok-ification of Global Youth

Cassandra's 2022 TikTok Report

The Cassandra 2022 Glossary

The Cassandra 2023 OutLOOK — From Talk to Action

From Talk To Action: Cassandra’s 2023 Outlook report

Gen Z Values & Value — Consumer Confidence Report

Cassandra's 2023 Gen Z Values & Value: Consumer Confidence Report

The Great Re-port on Work

Cassandra's 2023 The Great Re-port on Work Report

The Paradox of Gen Z Politics

Cassandra's 2023 The Paradox of Gen Z Politics Global Report

Parents On Board

Cassandra's 2023 Parents On Board Report

Traveling With Pride

Cassandra's 2023 Travel Bulletin

That’s So Aesthetic

Cassandra's That’s So Aesthetic Report

Bringing Culture into Focus

Cassandra's Bringing Culture into Focus Global Report

Luxury Report

Cassandra's Luxury Edition Report

Cassandra Sessions 2023

Cassandra Sessions 2023 — That’s So Aesthetic: The Gen Z Vibe & Its Reverberation in the Market

CTRL + ALT + AI: A Gen Z’s Guide to the AI Revolution