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The Retail Exchange

The evolution of young consumers’ expectations in the global retail landscape

The Burnout Report

What brands need to know about the culture of overwork, overstress, and overstimulation.

The Culture of Influence

Defining influence, exploring the influence young people possess, and understanding how is influence wielded

The Purpose & Polarization Report

Key trends in social issues, politics, and the polarization gripping young people today

Life Interrupted: Cassandra Special Edition

Biweekly insights, current trends, and future implications for brands and marketers in the Covid-19 era based on our ongoing research among Gen Y and Gen Z.

Race & Activism

How the summer of 2020 is redefining youth activism

The Everyday Equality Report

How youth view equality through the lens of race and the Covid-19 pandemic

"Cassandra Sessions 2020 | Acceleration" Event Recording

State of Mind

Exploring the impact of the pandemic on Gen Zs' and Millennials' mental health

The Picture of Health

Unpacking Gen Z and Millennial attitudes and behaviors in the areas of food, fitness, and healthcare

Cassandra's 2021 Outlook

The Top Trends Defining Youth Culture

Not Monolithic: Gen Z Segmentation Report

Introducing Cassandra’s Gen Z Segmentation


Introducing Cassandra’s Millennial Segmentation

Risk/Reward Calculus

Exploring how Millennials and Gen Zs approach post-pandemic life

Looking Forward to Family

Exploring the Future of Family.

Are We There Yet?

Why is travel today so meaningful? When are they leaving? Where are they going and How are they getting there?

The Home Stretch

The post-pandemic meaning of home and community for Gen Z and Millennials

The Future of Global Entertainment

Emerging young adult attitudes and behaviors around media and uncovering the why, when, how & where of entertainment today.


An analysis of the evolving transportation journey


Cassandra's Finance Report


Cassandra's Identity Report

Leveling Up

The Cassandra Gaming Report

Don't Look Back

Cassandra Sessions 2021

The Cassandra 2022 OutLOOK / Don't Look Back— Look Forward

In Don’t Look Back–Look Forward: The Cassandra’s 2022 Outlook report, we look at consumer trends and values as we move forward from pandemic to endemic.