TikTok filters go physical

Social media filters have earned quite a notorious rep for creating unattainable beauty standards for people online. But like most things on the internet, there’s some good with the bad. Creative TikTokers have been using filters as a tool for everything from makeup inspiration to no-makeup self-appreciation. Today, we’re highlighting where makeup filters are meeting real-life beauty in three viral TikTok trends.


You know that makeup filter so good you almost wish you actually looked like that? Well, TikTokers are here making that a reality as they take popular makeup filters and recreate indistinguishable IRL beats to match. From subtle freckles to button noses and full-on comic book contour, TikTokers are bringing online looks to life with the help of a makeup brush or two. We expect to see even more viral beauty moments turn into consumer trends as the separation between online and physical grows increasingly slim.


But why work against tech, when you can work with it? TikToker @gracemchoi created a viral filter that uses the golden ratio measurements to guide users as they create a scientifically-backed perfect eyebrow. People are going one step further as they use Grace Cho’s filter combined with other makeup filters that randomly pick everything from eyeliner to blush to get a one-of-a-kind TikTok look off the app. Just this week, makeup artist James Charles gained over a million YouTube views when he took on the makeup challenge, so it’s safe to say this trend has gone mega viral.


As fun as filters can be, we all know there’s a dark side to them. This new trend seeks to embrace natural beauty as users sing along to “Tear in My Heart” by Twenty One Pilots before removing makeup filters and instead spotlighting their untouched faces. Dubbed the healthiest trend to happen on TikTok, this movement — and the accompanying sound bite — has been featured in over 340,000 videos and even gotten Charli D’Amelio in on it.

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