Skincare aging down to reach Gen Z

Simply put, skincare has never been more popular among young people. With a constant barrage of seemingly flawless images flooding the internet daily and the era dominated by filters and influencers advocating cosmetic procedures, it's no surprise that Gen Z now leads in skincare spending compared to previous generations. In contrast to earlier eras when skincare products targeting youth primarily revolved around combating acne; brands are now shifting products and messaging towards preventing wrinkles and fine lines. This trend reflects a motivation among Gen Zs (and Alphas) to get ahead of signs of aging. Ahead, we go beyond skin deep to explore the underlying dynamics propelling this evolving market landscape.


Within the expansive realm of skincare, characterized by unceasing innovation and trends that shift in the blink of an eye, an array of noteworthy ingredients have ascended to prominence: These formidable components in skincare, including niacinamide - a form of vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid, and peptides have attracted young skin-care enthusiasts for their age-defying advantages, captivating both young skincare aficionados and experts.


In the race for Gen Z's spending power, SpoiledChild has stepped into the scene as a sustainable brand, merging AI with skincare expertise by harnessing millions of data points along with your individual profile. This data is harnessed to suggest the most suitable products that could effectively counteract the aging process. However, it's their advertising campaign that has ignited discussions, with a slogan that declares: “GETTING OLD IS GETTING OLD.”


The beauty culture embraced by Gen Z and now Gen Alpha can largely be attributed to the inundation of "Get Ready With Me" videos. However, this phenomenon is taking a new turn, with 10-year-old North West sharing her beauty routine through TikTok videos and gossip columns, along with Ayesha Curry revealing that her 11-year-old daughter, Riley, follows a comprehensive skincare regimen. This trend of young skincare enthusiasts is clearly on the rise. On TikTok, individuals such as Avery Kroll and Jodie Woods showcase their product hauls from Drunk Elephant, Glossier, and Sol de Janeiro, along with their skincare routines, all while amassing a substantial following among their fellow young viewers.