Inviting spaces for the canna-curious

In Cassandra’s report on Cannabis "Seeing Green" we saw how Gen Zs attitudes around cannabis consumption were contributing to its mainstreaming. One factor undoubtedly driving this is the innovative approach of designer cannabis dispensaries, reshaping our perceptions and encounters within the cannabis realm. These establishments intertwine art, innovation, and an intimate knowledge of cannabis culture to craft an atmosphere that goes beyond mere transactions. Merging a meticulous eye for aesthetics with a dedication to delivering top-tier products, designer dispensaries offer an elevated and immersive journey for both cannabis aficionados and newcomers. Here, we explore three such establishments where creativity intertwines seamlessly with cannabis culture.


Green Qween, operated by and for the LGBTQ+ community, shows that people are willing to travel for an experience that aligns with their values. Situated in downtown Los Angeles, the store attracts customers from across the city and beyond, all seeking the unique experience of purchasing cannabis in a space designed to authentically cater to them. Founded by Andres Rigal and Taylor Bazley in 2022, Green Qween swiftly became a hub for queer cannabis culture in Southern California. This success can be attributed, in part, to the founders' deep roots in the LGBTQ+ community and their understanding that members of this community consume cannabis at a higher rate and would appreciate a retail concept tailored specifically to their needs.


New York's legalization of marijuana last year, allowing residents to possess up to three ounces for recreational use, has given rise to a dispensary aiming to become the preferred cannabis source for upscale customers. In May, a luxurious two-story retail and gallery space named Gotham opened in downtown New York, offering a wide range of cannabis products, from edibles to vaporizers and tinctures. The store boasts high-end collaborations with local brands alongside Gotham-branded products, apparel, and lifestyle items. Additionally, the mezzanine space hosts exhibitions and events featuring New York artists.


Wyllow, the brainchild of Camille Roistacher and designed by Space Objekt, known for its immersive art installations, is a unique 300 sq ft micro-dispensary located in a former Los Angeles hair salon. This ethereal space places a strong emphasis on supporting women-led, underrepresented, minority-owned, and BIPOC companies. It offers an interactive and educational shopping experience, immersing customers in sounds and scents throughout the dispensary. The ambiance includes nature audio and even cannabis ASMR, such as the sound of rolling a joint played over speakers.