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It's that time of the week! Friday comes back again after a hectic week, so it's time to review the most talked-about internet news of the past seven days. Culture moves fast, and we at Cassandra try to move even faster to keep up with all the issues Gen Z can't stop discussing. Today, we're going for a music deep dive with Britney Spears’ memoir, Bad Bunny's new album, and Taylor Swift's Eras Tour movie— all this and more in this week's edition of Viral News.


It seems like looking back with a different lens and rewriting the wrongs is Gen Z's Y2K legacy! Britney Spears, the iconic pop princess, is back in the limelight thanks with her new memoir hitting shelves next week. An excerpt of the book was released revealing a significant detail of her high-profile relationship with singer Justin Timberlake: she was pregnant, and he requested that she have an abortion. This revelation has activated the investigative skills of Gen Z detectives, who are now revisiting one of her iconic music videos, "Everytime," and reinterpreting it as a tale of that painful moment in her life —and how poorly JT handled it. Also, the excerpt has sparked a conversation about how even though abortion is repeatedly beneficial for men, we rarely see any advocacy from them to stand up for reproductive rights.


In the latest episode of the "Every Relationship Could Be Just PR" Gen Z saga, Bad Bunny has sent social media into a frenzy with hints that validate his romance with Kendall Jenner hiding within the lyrics of his newest album Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana, first alluding to an intimate encounter at none other than Kendall Jenner's sister's house (which one? we don't know), then commenting on what the public discourse has been speculating about: the way they communicate to each other, the infamous Kardashian curse, and their Gucci campaign. Cue the detective work, because this is a pop culture puzzle worth solving for many TikTok users, even when it means learning a whole new language to translate. Duolingo bird x Bad Bunny collab in the future?


Talking about detective-like fandoms: is Christopher Nolan a Swiftie, or is Taylor once again showing her influence in culture and keen business acumen? We want to think two things can be true at the same time! After a clip of the Oppenheimer director talking about the singer's distribution deal for her Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film went viral, many are discussing her impact on Hollywood's future. By bypassing big distributors and negotiating directly with the theater company AMC, Taylor opened a window many filmmakers have been pushing for years in which they can eliminate the intermediary and surpass expectations of revenue for production companies and theaters alike —She negotiated a 57% cut per ticket that would typically go to distributors—. Even though she's not the first to accomplish this kind of deal, she's setting the bar for what we predict will be a must-have after every high-profile tour in the near future, and who knows? Maybe Hollywood?