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Another week, another weekly recap of viral news! Culture moves fast, so we at Cassandra keep our eyes and ears open to catch the most relevant topics young people can't stop talking about. The socials have been in overdrive this week with all the celebrity news to dig into. Today's happenings include Bad Bunny normalizing Spanish in American pop culture, an audiobook memoir narrated by an unexpected Oscar winner going viral, and Troye Sivan becoming the ultimate Pop Girl. So, although we unfortunately don’t have Pedro Pascal available to play the role of translator, let's dig right into this week's edition of bilingual viral news.


ES: La sacudida que empezó la temporada pasada con las participaciones de la actriz cubana Ana De Armas, la cantante colombiana Karol G, y el actor chileno-estadounidense (y si... "daddy" del internet) Pedro Pascal, completó su ciclo este sábado cuando el icónico show Saturday Night Live estrenó la segunda semana de su temporada 49 con Bad Bunnysirviendo de host e invitado musical. La latinificación de SNL ha servido como plataforma ideal para resaltar el —algunos dirán muy necesario— cambio y refrescamiento de este venerado show que ha servido de referencia para la comedia mundial por casi 50 años. Están revolucionando el discurso popular al mostrar a los anfitriones e invitados musicales hablar español sin reproche ni subtítulos, explorando la sátira con raíces latinoamericanas, y mostrando personajes que pueden encontrar en la casa de cualquier hogar de primera, segunda, o tercera generación. Muchos atribuyen el éxito y asertividad del tono cómico al nuevo miembro del cast favorito de Gen Z: Marcello Hernández. El escritor/comediante se ha convertido en exactamente lo que SNL necesitaba para atraer una audiencia más joven y diversa a un show que se ha caracterizado por reinventarse constantemente... Especialmente después de perder al otro favorito de los jóvenes, Pete Davidson. Pa' lante SNL!

EN: The shake-up that began last season with the participation of the Cuban actress Ana De Armas, the Colombian singer Karol G, and the Chilean-American actor (and yes... internet's "daddy") Pedro Pascal came full circle this past week when the iconic Saturday Night Live premiered the second episode of its 49th season with Bad Bunny as host and musical guest. The latinización of SNL has served as an ideal platform to highlight the – some will say very necessary – change and refreshment of this venerated show that has been a reference for global comedy for almost 50 years. They are revolutionizing popular discourse by showing hosts and musical guests speak Spanish without reproach or subtitles, exploring satire with Latin American roots, and showcasing characters that can be found in the home of any first, second, or third-generation household. Many attribute the success and accuracy of the comedic tone to Gen Z's favorite new cast member, Marcello Hernández. The writer/comedian has become exactly what SNL needed to attract a younger, more diverse audience to a show known for constantly reinventing itself... Especially after losing another youth favorite, Pete Davidson. Pa' lante SNL!


Britney Spears' highly anticipated memoir, "The Woman in Me," has finally hit the shelves, with the songstress taking to social media to share the news, proudly declaring her book as the "highest-selling celebrity memoir in history." While various revelations from the memoir have been causing a stir (spoilers ahead), one particular headline that has caught widespread attention is Spears' admission that the book's emotional content is too overwhelming for her to read aloud. Consequently, the task of narrating the intricacies of Spears' life has been entrusted to the five-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams, who has been making waves in the realm of audio with her remarkable performance, especially her rendition of a cringe-worthy encounter between Britney's ex, Justin Timberlake, and Genuwine in the early 2000s. Her impersonation of Justin's words, "fo shiz, fo shiz," during the narration has caused a frenzy on the internet, with some suggesting that this could be her ticket to a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album.


Over here at Cassandra, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the meteoric rise of Australia's Troye Sivan - spotlighting him in our Summer Global Culture report as an LGBTQ+ icon - earning both domestic and international recognition with his stylish electronic dance-pop and fearless image. In recent days, Troye’s 'Something To Give Each Other' album debuted at No. 1 on Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart, plus, his recently dropped music video, “One of Your Girls,” is hitting the high notes worldwide, inducing serious bi-panic among fans thanks to Sivan’s iconic drag debut (which is inspiring some pretty amazing imitations across the #FYPs), but also getting to see him dance up on no-shirt on Ross Lynch. It turns out that Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch as a duo is the gift that keeps on giving, as now fans are convinced that they’re sensing some flirtation between the two stars after Sivan and Lynch engaged in a little TikTok back and forth while also boosting sales for a “sweet” Swedish chocolate brand - #IYKYK.