Celebrate with a Super Bowl Pizza or Explore Other Tasty Ideas!

Is it a coincidence that National Pizza Day takes place just before the Super Bowl? Maybe! Either way, how are you celebrating National Pizza Day? With a Super Bowl pizza? We’ve got some other ideas…


What better way to celebrate than to visit some of the national museums that honor these slices of heaven. Pizza Hut Museum pays homage to the iconic pizza chain Pizza Hut, showcasing its history and cultural impact. Located on the site of the original Pizza Hut restaurant and on Wichita State University campus, it features memorabilia, advertisements, and even interactive exhibits that let you design your own pizza box or learn how to toss dough like a pro. Another spot in Philadelphia, Pizza Brain is not just a pizzeria, it's a pizza culture museum. Founded in 2012, it boasts the world's largest collection of pizza memorabilia, recognized by Guinness World Records.


Rather than visiting a museum we could dig in and read about all the trends impacting the pizza industry. In early December, Pizza Today launched their second annual 2024 Pizza Industry Trends Report. The report paints a vibrant picture of a pizza world according to the close to 750 US pizzeria owners surveyed. Online ordering reigns supreme, quality remains king, and variety is the name of the game. Plant-based options continue to thrive, while labor challenges persist and automation is on the horizon. From independent operator insights to menu trends and regional pizza styles, we learn about where the folks on the front lines think the industry is headed.


How can we talk about pizza at all without mentioning El Pres - Dave Portnoy - of Barstool Sports and more specifically his One Bite pizza review app. He comes with controversy, but a Portnoy review can put your favorite pizza joint on the map - in a good or bad way. Dragon Pizza in Somerville, MA may have gotten Portnoy’s title of “The Worst Pizza Place in America,” but according to the business’s owner - business has picked up and even sold out after Portnoy and the owner’s viral feud took place in September 2023. It hasn’t come without some challenges for the restaurant owner, but it does make you wonder - if a bad review from Portnoy can offer success - what does a good review offer? Joanie’s Pizza knows. Another Massachusetts joint that is reaping the benefits from Portnoy’s - albeit positive - press. Joanie's Pizza was already a well-loved neighborhood spot before Portnoy’s glowing 8.4/10 review in December 2023 praising the "perfect undercarriage," "crispy crust," and "spectacular" overall experience. Joanie's became an overnight sensation and owners needed to double their staff. Lines have snaked out the door, phones are buzzing with orders, and wait times are rising to two hours. Portnoy's clout on Instagram is undeniable. With nearly 5 million followers, his acknowledgment, whether enthusiastic or critical, can send pizza places skyrocketing to fame.