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Exciting Chocolate Trends from Plant-Based Delights to Premium Indulgences

From egg shaped chocolates to chocolate Easter bunnies, there’s a plethora of chocolate treats that might end up in Easter baskets this coming weekend. As the holiday approaches, we have chocolate on the mind, so let’s check out the latest trends and products related to the sweet treat:


Consumers have expressed interest in plant-based food across a variety of categories and chocolate is no exception. According to research done by chocolate company Barry Callebaut, 41% of consumers look for plant-based chocolate options. Many classic chocolate brands have embraced this desire with launches of plant-based versions of their most-loved products. Nestle has a vegan KitKat available in certain countries, while Hershey’s created a plant-based Reese’s peanut butter cup.


Another 2024 chocolate trend identified by Barry Callebault is “intense indulgence”. Over half of consumers prefer to purchase high-quality chocolate. People are seeking to treat themselves, and a premium chocolate can be considered a small luxury item. Brands like Hawaii-based KOHO provide consumers with the luxury chocolate experience they are looking for. The brand has a range of artisan chocolates made from premium ingredients and inspired by the beauty and flavors of Hawaii. The brand also has a round-up of their favorites specifically for Easter!


The Taste Tomorrow chocolate industry trend forecast identifies an interest in chocolate that contributes to consumer health and well-being. Botanical chocolates combine the richness of chocolate with the power of herbs, flowers, and other natural elements. Beyond offering a unique taste, these chocolates can provide functional benefits through adaptogens, superherbs, and other ingredients that positively impact well-being. YES Cacao offers botanical chocolates for every mood. There’s a “Bliss Out” chocolate with GABA, Turmeric and Kava to promote relaxation. While the brand’s “Endurance” chocolate has Shilajit, Reishi, Maca to provide energy for your day.