Stress Awareness Month

tools designed to mitigate stress

April is National Stress Awareness month, an opportunity to discuss the negative impact stress can have on our lives and share tools for stress management. According to theAmerican Psychological Association, in 2023 U.S. adults rated their average stress levels at a 5 on a scale from 1 (little to no stress) to 10 (a great deal of stress). However, a quarter of adults rank their stress levels between an 8-10, higher than the 19% that fell in that category prior to the pandemic. In honor of National Stress Awareness Month, let’s pause and take a deep breath! And if you need more stress busting tools, check these out:


Think of Sensa as your calm mind assistant, specifically there to support mental well-being. Sensa is a mobile app that serves as a comprehensive guide to improving mental health. Much of the content is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The app can provide tailored guidance with advice customized to your specific needs. Participate in self-paced lessons or mindfulness exercises to work on self-improvement. Sensa can help you tackle your stress head-on.


The Apollo® Wearable is a device designed to improve the body’s resilience to stress by sending silent, comforting vibrations to your body. The device works by signaling safety to your body through novel touch therapy which helps users feel in control. Higher vibrations can be used to increase energy and focus while lower vibrations reduce stress and promote relaxation. The device can be worn as a band on your wrist or ankle or as a clip attached to clothing. Users can also customize a daily schedule specific to their lifestyles. The Apollo is scientifically backed and provides a natural solution to stress relief, better sleep quality or improved focus.


Stress can take a toll on our bodies by impacting our sleep. While there are many tools to improve sleep quality, some people swear by using a weighted blanket to calm the mind at night. While it might sound crazy to put a 10 lb (or more!) blanket on top of you, theSleep Foundation says weighted blankets may help ease stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality and calm the nervous system. The weight of the blanket will depend on the users’ weight, size and preference but can range from 7-25 lbs. The Sleep Foundation conducted research on the best weighted blanket so you don’t have to and theBearaby Cotton Weighted Blanket was rated as the best overall choice.