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National Send a Card to a Friend Day

February 7 is, according to the Days of the Year calendar, National Send a Card to a Friend Day. While it is no secret that Gen Z lives online, we know that there is also the countertrend of Gen Z exploring hobbies and interests that get them offline (see, for example, The Cassandra Daily on January 3, “Gen Z Unplugged”). The term “grandma era” has even trended, where TikTok users share their favorite old -school hobbies like knitting, scrapbooking, journaling and other activities that don’t involve an electronic device. This need for a break from the digital makes the sentiment behind sending a card or writing a handwritten note feel much more special. Today, Cassandra talks to our friends at Hallmark about how they are leaning in to help Gen Zs connect.


The recent launch of the Hallmark + Venmo Cards partnership shows how Hallmark is entering Gen Z’s favorite place to connect: the digital realm. This partnership offers a new, modern way for consumers to conveniently send cards with money included. With Hallmark + Venmo Cards, no cash or check is required. The recipient just scans a QR code inside of the card and has access to their funds from Venmo. For Gen-Z users who are always on their phones and shopping online, this is an easy way to connect that offers more sentiment than just sending a “Happy Birthday” text message.


On Hallmark’s resident blog, Ideas & Inspiration, relevant Gen-Z centered topics are explored, such as:

How to survive a friendship breakup: A major part of connecting for Gen Z is through their close friendships. This article reflects that closeness, while also speaking directly to Gen Z in an authentic, vulnerable way.

Graduation cap decoration ideas to help you stand out in a crowd: A fresh article that helps with decorating graduation caps, a major milestone many Zs may be celebrating.

How to support a new grad: Insights a year after graduating college: Providing additional support as this cohort navigates lifestage changes.


Leveraging music, sounds and memes, Hallmark is connecting with Gen Z on a platform that’s relevant to them. This includes inspiration for gift suggestions, card message ideas, easily shareable, inspirational videos in trending formats like this one, nostalgic content like this video.