Trans Day of Visibility

Celebrating the Trans Community in Higher Education

Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) falls each year on March 31st and was started by Michigan State alumna Rachel Crandall Crocker of Transgender Michigan. Many colleges and universities are at the forefront of celebrating TDOV with the intention of allowing students to celebrate, inform, and explore the trans community.


Johns Hopkins University will celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility on April 2 by highlighting inclusivity and respect for all gender identities. JHU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion is presenting Expanding Genders, an event designed to celebrate, learn, explore and connect the broader transgender+ community through art, literature, and activism. A panel with keynote speakers will feature LGBTQ+ leaders and advocates. The university’s Trans Utopia Gallery showcases visionary art and creative expressions that reimagine the future for trans+ individuals through poetry, storytelling, art, and theater pieces.


The University of Michigan’s School of Social Work is holding Transform & Transcend, Transparent & Together event to celebrate TDOV on April 1. The event is being held to celebrate the beauty, joy and love of Trans* identities with the tagline “Let’s Celebrate Everything Trans*”


Syracuse University’s LGBTQ Resource Center is celebrating both Trans Week of Liberation (TWoL) and International Day of Visibility to acknowledge the resilience, contributions, and diversity of transgender people across the globe. Syracuse wants to change the narrative from a story of visibility to a tale of liberation. Activities this week include Queer Closet Kickoff and Makeup Workshop, Exploring and Embracing Identity in the Working World, TWoL Open Mic Night, Comics and Conversations with author - Bishakh Som, and other artistic sessions for knitting, crafting, writing, or homework in a creative space.