Brands take sustainable action

Gen Z and Millennials are excited to see brands jump into sustainability commitments, but they’re looking for companies to go further. They’re told to be conscientious of over-purchasing, but what does that really mean? They’re limiting plastic consumption, but why hasn’t the whole system been changed? They know how powerful data can be to influence behavior, but are we using it to save the earth? Today, we’re highlighting three brands leaning into these questions and creating innovations that go beyond the expected sustainability commitments.


Ever wish you could actually really know what impact your purchases are having on the environment? Well, impact-tech startup Doconomy is about to make it a reality. With their soon-to-be-launched DO card, they’re giving consumers the power to track CO2 emissions generated from transactions and provide insights on how to directly offset their effects on the climate. Their mission is also helping consumers learn how to invest for a positive climate impact and providing info in a user-friendly app. Focused on closing the “gap between perceived and real impact” through a “tangible difference,” Doconomy is walking the walk Gen Z is seeking.


Our ocean contamination is horrific, and Brita has teamed up with Parley to change the course of our story. Through a longer-term partnership, they’re committing to innovating access to clean water “for everyone, everywhere, without waste.” Inspired by our mother earth, their design concept focuses on organic substances that will replace plastic and create an end-of-use component that will be biodegradable or reusable. Gen Z and Millennials recognize that all solutions to our climate crisis may not be real today–but actions like Future of Water are tangible steps towards innovation brands can take now to ensure tomorrow will exist.


Let’s face it–ad trackers are annoying (and creepy) when they appear to be listening to private conversations, showing ads a friend mentioned two minutes ago. But now, eco-friendly hand soap company, Gelo, is fostering the superpower of ad trackers for good! Introducing The Parent Track, an ad tracking tool that inserts cookies into parents’ devices. Enticed by their children, parents allow the tracker to follow their online activity, the tracker then displays ads informing them on sustainable practices and purchases. Recognizing that kids hold the keys to a sustainable future, Gelo has given young people “a cheeky tool to help educate their elders.” Working with Gen Z and Millennials and providing a tool to create mass change, Gelo is going beyond just their sustainable products–talk about bubbling up action!