Cassandra’s latest report, all about Gen Alpha, is here

Today, we’re releasing our Gen Alpha report that seeks to understand the generation born after 2010. Cassandra looks at Gen Alpha as Generation Infinite – with infinite challenges and possibilities. They've been handed a lot, from the climate crisis to the impact of social media. They've also been handed what they themselves see as the answer to a lot of these challenges: unmatched technological access and ability from a very young age. Add that to their remarkable creativity and innate curiosity, you've got a generation unlike any we've ever seen. Here, we’re giving readers a sneak peek of the report, which you can find in full here.


Dove is taking the next step beyond their practice of reporting social media's harmful effects on young girls' self-esteem. The beauty and wellness brand has created a 4-step plan to #DetoxYourFeed from social media's toxic beauty content. The action plan includes prep for parents to help them get up to speed on social media trends and role models. Once informed, the plan moves into conversation guides and actionable insights for parents to do together with their kids. With evidence that 72% of girls felt better after detoxing their feeds, Dove is creating actionable steps to combat the toxic beauty standards Gen Alpha is exposed to.


In celebration of this year's pride month, LEGO has created a year-long campaign they’ve dubbed "A-Z of Awesome." Using play as a tool for open conversation, LEGO's campaign is built to help LGBTQIA+ families engage in the critically important conversation around gender identity. Created by LGBTQIA+ community members, LEGO fans, and diverse age ranges, each design will come with an explanation of what the build means for its creator. With Gen Alpha being the most diverse generation to date, LEGO is helping navigate the conversation around LGBTQIA+ identity that society can struggle to discuss.


Esports platform FaZe Clan, a favorite of Gen Zs and Alphas alike, kicked off a year-long collaboration with none other than Disney. Launched this year, the apparel collaboration includes a rethink of a classic as they spotlight a "newly tech-vamped Mickey On The Grid." Fans can look forward to further crossover designs as FaZe Clan teases more characters to come. With esports expanding, FaZe Clan is the latest example of gaming taking claim of their share of cross-industry attention and profit.

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