Getting in on the sober spirit

Globally, the No-Alcohol drinks market surpassed $11B in 2022, attesting to how many of us are reconsidering our relationship with alcohol. The growth is driven, in part, by Millennial and Gen Z consumers fueling the discourse across TikTok, with conversations around #sobercurious and #sobertok gathering over 1.7B views between them, with those who are moderating their alcohol intake for physical and mental health reasons. Whether you've given up drinking permanently, are dabbling in a 'sober sprint' to reset your relationship with alcohol, or have just simply had enough of all of your social plans revolving around alcohol - we hear you and, in solidarity, are checking new trends popping up in the booze free space.

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Helping couples stick to a budget and avoid a dreaded hangover on the first morning of wedded bliss, modern couples are increasingly opting to say “I do” while saying “I don’t” to the usual open bar in favor of a ‘high on life’ vibe while tapping into the fashionable sober curiosity trend of a dry bar. In fact, across TikTok, the hashtag #DryWedding has amassed 3.1M views, offering sobering ideas for the big day as well as tips for bachelorette and bachelor parties that wish to take the celebrations in a different direction.

Text quote, “If others are drinking alcohol, I'll often order a Shirley Temple to feel a little fancier than just getting a soda.”

— Audrey, 22, CA (Cassandra Collective)

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    For those gearing up for weekend two of the Coachella music festival this weekend, the event has changed things up a little this year by introducing an on-site bar experience that caters exclusively to non-alcoholic drinkers. The New Bar - a tiny booze-free bottle shop in Los Angeles has landed a first-of-its-kind deal with Coachella both weekends, where bartenders will mix cocktails with Spiritless tequila and bourbon substitutes, along with custom-created festival-themed libations.

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    Zero-proof bars are popping up on both sides of the pond for those looking for a social escape and night out while abstaining from alcohol. Sans Bar Is the new booze-free bar in Austin, TX, and is the brainchild of addiction counselor Chris Marshall, who plans to offer live music, health-conscious food, and wellness events like yoga classes while serving up NA beer, and high-quality, carefully crafted drinks playing around with shrubs, Zero Proof Spirits and different flavor profiles to create drinks that feel special and offer variety. Meanwhile, with over 30k followers on Instagram, London’s Club Soda's Shop and Tasting Room, is causing quite the stir and is fast becoming the UK's premier destination for low and no-drink discovery. The Tasting Room offers knowledgeable, mindful drinking experts to guide patrons through a curated collection of over 150 of the best and brightest low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks brands.