The travel brands showing their appreciation for educators this Summer.

Teachers – underpaid, overworked, and not appreciated nearly enough– have found themselves at the front lines of the culture wars. It’s a lot. In fact, more than 2 in 3 Gen Zs agree that “teachers today have too many things to worry about besides just teaching,” as discussed in Cassandra’s Future of Education report. Those worries are only compounded for LGBTQ+ teachers. As another year of teaching in this fraught era draws to a close, Cassandra believes teachers deserve some rest and relaxation. Brands are in alignment, acknowledging and honoring the work of teachers. Ahead are three brand initiatives aimed at helping teachers have a more enjoyable summer break.

Image of the Norwegian Cruise Line logo with an illustration of teachers


For the fourth year in a row, Norwegian is celebrating educators by giving free cruises to 20 teachers across the United States and Canada. Students, peers, friends, and family were able to nominate an inspiring educator (or teachers can nominate themselves) by telling NCL how they demonstrate their passion for their students and dedicate their time to motivate, engage and influence the future leaders of the world every day on a unique contest website. In addition to teachers winning the free cruises, NCL says they have donated over $350,000 to local schools and teachers.

Image of a teacher showing a student a globe with the Disney logo overlayed


Summer vacation got more magical for teachers with hotel discounts at seven properties within the gates of Disney World. The Teacher Appreciation discount rates apply to preschool, daycare, and Kindergarten through University level educators and support staff in the U.S. and Canada for stays through September 4, 2023. Teachers can stay at the Disney Springs area hotels for less than $100 a night, which also include a free shuttle to the theme parks, and guests can enter the theme parks 30 minutes before they open to the general public.

Image of a van that is traveling through a canyon with the Teacher Travel Discounts logo overlayed.


Recognizing the burnout and wage gap teachers face compared to other professions, TeacherTravelDiscounts.com was set up in 2016 and is now the leading guide to 150+ teacher travel and vacation discounts. The site gathers the best travel promotions, exclusive deals, and special rates to make our educators' next trip more affordable. These include places where public school teachers and university professors can take advantage of a government rate, discounts offered through organizations, and student discount sites that give teacher travel discounts on vacations, hotels, car rentals, entertainment, and more!

For more on travel, such as the motivations that inspire 80% of young LGBTQ+ people to prioritize travel as an escape from their daily routine, check out Cassandra’s latest report Traveling With Pride, available to members.