Upgraded at-home skin-care routines

After emptying the piggy bank with generous gift-giving this month and New Year's Eve just around the corner, splurging on a professional treatment to achieve that perfect glow for upcoming celebrations might not be fiscally prudent. However, if you're seeking a quick zit-zapping, pore-reducing, or redness-fighting solution, mobile skincare devices offer convenience, control, and cost-effectiveness with the stamp of approval from dermatologists. Nowadays, many procedures that once required a trip to the dermatologist's office can be DIYed right in the comfort of your own bathroom. From collagen-boosting lasers to skin-clearing LEDs, let's dive into three tech-savvy tools.


Dermatologists have long embraced red-light therapy, touting its ability to boost the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), often referred to as the body's "fuel." The trend has caught fire on TikTok, where skincare enthusiasts are diving into the #redlighttherapy, accumulating over 4M views. They claim it works wonders for acne, signs of aging, and even hair loss. This surge in interest has led to the rise of LED at-home face masks and skincare wands, contributing to the projected growth of the global light therapy market, expected to reach a whopping $2.10B by 2030.


For optimal results, this method requires daily dedication. Microcurrent, a user-friendly home treatment, employs a low-voltage electrical current to stimulate facial muscles, creating a lifted effect such as sculpted cheekbones and raised brows. However, it's an ongoing maintenance routine rather than a one-time fix. The goal is to gradually firm the muscles, resulting in a "just-walked-out-of-a-facial" appearance, all with the convenience of being simpler to use than a gua sha tool.


TikTok videos tagged with #dermaplaning and #dermaplane have accumulated a whopping 4.4B views, showcasing an at-home technique promised to bestow baby-smooth skin. Skintellectuals affirm that weekly dermaplaning is a safe skincare method employing a small exfoliating scalpel to eliminate the top skin layer, which typically holds dirt, oil, dead cells, and peach fuzz. Distinguishing it from shaving, dermaplaning necessitates a specialized dermaplaning razor for superior results, yielding an exceptionally smooth canvas for party-ready makeup