Brands spreading joy this holiday season

During this gift-giving season, where holiday spending is expected to increase by 3.5% compared to last year, many brands are embracing the spirit by offering thoughtful and heartwarming experiences. Whether it's through charitable donations, unique gifting options, or festive campaigns that inspire a sense of togetherness, these brands go beyond products to create memorable moments that help to contribute to the joyous atmosphere of the season. Today we are spotlighting a few standouts that are spreading the holiday cheer.


Centered on the theme of friendship and joyful memories, Amazon has unveiled its 2023 holiday campaign, "Joy is Shared." This initiative revolves around celebrating the joy of the holiday season and emphasizes the convenience that Amazon aims to provide, especially during the often hectic festive period.At the heart of the company's latest seasonal initiative is the 60-second spot, "Joy Ride," The ad features three older women on a park bench, observing children and teenagers sledding down a hill—a scene reminiscent of their own youthful days. Subsequently, one of the women places an order for seat cushions on Amazon, and the trio uses them to sled together, highlighting the enduring bonds of friendship.


Teaming up with motivational podcast host Mel Robbins, Ulta Beauty is on a mission to combat what research found to be the number one obstacle to experiencing joy: our inner critic. Starting with a bespoke associate training curriculum crafted by Robbins to positively transform the way Ulta Beauty’s 53,000 associates think about themselves and ultimately empower guests to do the same, The Joy Project has been set up as a long-term initiative created to help beauty enthusiasts and the wider consumer base in discovering, embracing, and savoring joy.


Offering words of encouragement to ensure moms feel appreciated for all that they do over the holiday season, online retailer Zulily has partnered with TV personality and hair stylist Jonathan Van Ness (“Queer Eye”) on a limited-edition holiday-themed product called the Slay Button to deliver positive affirmations to busy moms.With the help of Van Ness, the Slay Button, which can be purchased online, will deliver five different empowering affirmations reminding moms that they’re “slaying the holiday season” while dually urging them to celebrate themselves.

This is our last Cassandra Daily of 2023, as our offices will be closed next week for the holidays! We thank you for reading, wish you and yours a happy holiday season and all the best for 2024. We’ll see you back here on January 2nd!