Uniting for a Better, Safer Web

It's Safer Internet Day (SID) 2024! A day where we all come together to make the digital world a cooler, safer place for everyone, especially the kiddos and young guns out there. Let's rewind a bit and get into the nitty-gritty of how this all started. Back in 2004, Safer Internet Day was just a glimmer in the eyes of the EU SafeBorders project. They saw the wild west of the internet and were like, "Hold up, we need to do something about this." So, they lit the torch of online safety, and in 2005, the Insafe network fanned the flames, spreading the word across the globe. Fast forward to today, Safer Internet Day is like a global bonfire of awareness, bringing together over 180 countries to shout out for a better, safer web. From dealing with cyberbullying to tackling social media drama, each year takes on a new online beast. It's a call for action for everyone – kids, teens, parents, teachers, tech giants, and policymakers – to join forces for a digital utopia. Now, let's zoom in on how some countries are throwing down for Safer Internet Day 2024.


In preparation for SID 2024, Klicksafe, a German organization for online safety, launched materials in September 2023 called "Stay Safe! 5 tips for AI in everyday school life" to help young people use AI-based tools responsibly and safely in their schoolwork. They created educational materials for teachers and students to address the growing use of AI tools in classrooms and the potential risks associated with them, such as misinformation, plagiarism, and privacy concerns. The initiative encourages critical thinking, source checking, and independent learning alongside the use of AI tools.


Africa Safer Internet Day (ASID) is a commitment to fostering a safe internet ecosystem on the African continent and in 2024 the focus is on empowering minds and protecting rights. A number of organizations including Child Online Africa, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the African Telecommunications Union (ATU), and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) have partnered to embrace Africa Safer Internet Day. Through workshops, courses, and community outreach programs, the event tackles crucial issues like cyberbullying, digital literacy, and responsible technology use.


Argentina's Safer Internet Day efforts are spearheaded by Chicos.net, a leading Argentinian organization dedicated to promoting children's rights online. Chicos.net's ongoing initiatives, include Imagina Si - a collaboration with Disney which began in 2022 and promotes the socio digital inclusion of boys, girls, adolescents and young people from indigenous communities in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina.