Gen Zers & Dating

Navigating Authentic Connections in a Digital Age

With the use of dating apps exploding, the dating landscape has transformed dramatically over the years, and Gen Z finds itself at the forefront of this evolution. Let’s dive into the nuances of their dating experiences.


Hinge’s 2024 Gen Z D.A.T.E. report provides valuable insights into how this generation approaches relationships. Authenticity is a prized virtue, yet Gen Z grapples with a unique fear: the fear of being cringy. Rather than sharing every feeling, they often resort to hiding behind humor in the form of memes, witty jokes, and playful banter. The vulnerability of expressing genuine feelings seems daunting, leading many to opt for the safety of laughter. This may be because rejection is top of mind for Gen Z Hinge daters. According to the report, 56% of them admit that the fear of rejection has hindered their pursuit of potential relationships. While they crave connection, they are hesitating to take the plunge.


With no shortage of dating apps to choose from, dating today often feels like playing a game. However, there’s a growing trend among daters: they’re deleting their dating apps and opting for in-person connections. According to a recent AppsFlyer survey, 65% percent of dating app users delete the apps within just a month and 90% do so within a week. Many Gen Z women express frustration with the superficial and exhausting nature of digital dating. Brianna Spinella, a 24-year-old from Staten Island, found that the apps weren’t meeting her expectations. Despite changing her location settings, she encountered the same people and felt disconnected. Additionally, Spinella feels dating apps encourage people to hide behind screens, hindering genuine face-to-face interactions.


Eli Rallo, @elirallo, who has been referred to as Gen Z’s very own Carrie Bradshaw, shares dating advice online. Rallo feels that Gen Z approaches dating a bit differently than other generations. The young influencer says that similar to other aspects of their life, Gen Z approaches dating by prioritizing self-advocacy. "I like being part of the generation that wants to be treated well and respected, and would rather be alone than in a relationship that didn't serve them,” says Rallo.