Spring Cleaning

Revamp Your Spring Cleaning Routine with These TikTok Cleaning Stars

It’s time for a spring refresh! Even if your own feed isn’t full of cleaning hacks, you’ve likely encountered the world of #CleanTok, where cleaning enthusiasts share their favorite products and cleaning tips. Whether you’re a seasoned cleaner or just starting, scrolling TikTok can certainly elevate your spring-cleaning game. Here are three creators that have taken the platform by storm:


Meet Vanesa Amaro (@vanesamaro91), aka the “Queen of Cleaning”—she’s like your cleaning BFF, but with millions of TikTok followers! With over 5.7 million followers, her expertise is trusted by the #CleanTok community. Her videos cover a wide range of topics, from pan cleaning hacks to shower panel maintenance. Vanesa also uses the platform to recommend her favorite products, such as the Swiffer duster and Scrub Daddy Sponges. The cleaning influencer is also an official spokesperson for Clorox.


@kayleenkellyorganize, a professional organizer, shares tips via her TikTok page, including the Core 4 Organizing Method. Her approach is all about practicality, function, and reducing overwhelming clutter. Here’s a look at the Core 4 steps:

  • Clear Out - Remove trash and unwanted items
  • Categorize - Group similar Items together
  • Cut Out - Declutter
  • Contain - Find a home for everything


@cleanwithnessa, is the ultimate cleaning guru on TikTok, with a whopping 3.9 million followers and counting. Whether it’s ASMR fridge restocks, deep sink cleans or unboxing new products, she turns mundane chores into satisfying displays. Need a game-changing cleaning product? Check out Nessa’s page. She introduces us to her favorite products through her videos, such as the Bosch GlassVAC & Spray for window cleaning.