Celebrating National Student Athlete Day

Embracing Diversity, Unity, and Fairness

Whether your bracket is busted or you picked all four teams headed to Arizona, today we reflect on the evolving landscape of collegiate sports, the challenges faced by student athletes, and the strides being made towards inclusivity and equality as we celebrate National Student Athlete Day.


In recent years, discussions surrounding student athletes have delved into realms beyond the game, touching on issues of fair compensation, athlete rights, and inclusivity. One such conversation took center stage when the Dartmouth basketball team made headlines with their groundbreaking vote to unionize, sparking broader discussions about the rights of collegiate athletes. The Dartmouth Union decision marked a pivotal moment in collegiate athletics, highlighting the power dynamics at play within the NCAA and the growing calls for athlete empowerment. This bold move by the Dartmouth players underscores the importance of giving student athletes a voice and agency in shaping their athletic careers and futures.


While some athletes are taking steps towards asserting their rights, others face significant challenges in accessing and participating in sports. The recent New York Nassau Country ban on transgender women participating in women's sports has reignited debates surrounding inclusivity and fairness in athletics. This controversial decision, as reported by The New York Times, raises important questions about discrimination and the need for policies that promote equity and respect for all athletes.


Amidst these discussions and debates, it's important to remember the essence of what it means to be a student athlete. Beyond the wins and losses, beyond the headlines and controversies, lies a commitment to excellence both on and off the field. Business Insider's exploration of how college athletes are now able to benefit from NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) endorsement deals sheds light on the evolving landscape of collegiate sports, where student athletes can now leverage their talents and personal brands to secure financial opportunities.