Cosmic Collabs

Brands Shine During North America's Total Solar Eclipse of 2024

Today, on April 8, 2024, North America will experience a remarkable cosmic event: a total solar eclipse. Approximately 44 million people are within the path of totality—the region where the moon fully covers the sun. This phenomenon promises to captivate both seasoned astronomers and casual observers. Today, we’re looking at how brands are joining in on the fun.


Safety is a top concern during a solar eclipse and Warby Parker wanted to ensure everyone can safely witness it. Starting on April 1, the glasses retailer provided free eclipse glasses to be picked up in Warby Parker stores across the U.S. The glasses are made by American Paper Optics and are ISO-certified, ensuring safety during the extraordinary event.


Jeni’s Ice Cream launched Punk Stargonaut, an entire eclipse themed collection. The unique name was “inspired by a fictional flight through the galaxy — where Jeni’s cosmonauts gathered all the alien fruit they could find, brought it back to Earth, and turned it into colorful, cosmic ice creams,” says the brand. The collection includes four space themed flavors, “Nebula Berry”, “Cosmic Bloom”, “Purple Star Born”, and “Supermoon”. The flavors can be purchased individually or as a whole collection. The Punk Stargonaut collection also includes 4 pairs of eclipse glasses for safe viewing!


SunChips upped the stakes by only selling their eclipse themed product during totality. That’s right – they only gave customers 4 minutes and 27 seconds to order the limited-edition chips. The brand used the opportunity to bring forward their unique flavor, Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda, before disappearing forever. According to private astronaut Kellie Gerardi, who partnered with SunChips to promote the chip, "the pineapple habanero represents the sun, the brightness and the energy of the sun. And then you have the black bean spicy Gouda for the night and the moon and the cheese elements.”