TikTok Personality Tests

Gone are the days when a simple Cosmo quiz would have guided us on the path to true love, friendships, health, wealth, and happiness. In an age marked by TikTok exploration and self-discovery, Gen Z has embraced a new fascination: personality tests - diving into a world of quizzes and assessments that offer insights into their identities. Join us as we look at the trend capturing the curiosity of the generation that's always seeking to understand themselves and their place in the world.


The Enneagram, the latest personality test to captivate the zeitgeist, goes beyond astrology, offering not just catchy character descriptions but also tools for self-optimization in an era focused on personal growth. Dividing individuals into nine archetypes based on core motivations, desires, and fears, the Enneagram has sparked a growing subculture. In fact, TikTokers like Enneagram with Abbey, aka Your Enneagram BFF, have turned it into a career, guiding others on their self-discovery journey through workshops and resources.


With over 20M views, TikTok users are uncovering their dating personalities through the trending smile dating test on the platform. The quiz aims to “find out your dating style with a smiley character,” and users have been sharing their results in videos via TikTok so they can discuss and compare with friends and followers. Taking the test is simple and requires answering 12 questions via a website, where the results are then generated, explaining the type of smile you are. You can also see which smiles are most compatible for you.


There's a good chance you've come across videos where individuals categorize well-known characters as "soldier," "poet," or "king," all accompanied by lively, medieval-style music made popular from a song titled “Soldier, Poet, King” by The Oh Hellos. The current trend comes from a quiz with 20 questions, each having three metaphorical responses. After filling out the questions, the quiz presents one of three results featuring a description of how the taker views the world: as a battle, poetry, or something to be managed.