Buzzy startups are turning to traditional Chinese medicine

Dissatisfaction with western healthcare is on the rise among younger generations, with fewer members of Gen Z having a primary care physician than any generation before them. This dissatisfaction has opened up a market for holistic medication, with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) growing in popularity with western consumers. Among the many holistic companies attempting to fill this niche, here are three brands centered around TCM that particularly stand out:

Image of Hao product bottles surrounded by plants, a ginger, and mushroom.


Founded by the co-hosts of the Emmy-nominated PBS TV series Lucky Chow, supplement brand The Hao Life seeks to introduce yet another aspect of East Asia to the broader American public: medicine. The Hao Life offers herbal remedies to improve various aspects of health, including sleep, menstruation, and digestion. Recently, it has also released two new formulas to enhance memory and skin. The start-up spotlights the simplicity of its medicines as a selling point; on its website, each product is followed by a page detailing not only the ingredients used, but each ingredient’s individual purpose in enhancing the consumer’s health.

Image of Nooci branded products such as a pink jade roller, holographic bag, and packets of the supplement.


CEO Stephanie Tan has made it her life’s mission to create a brand that would make traditional Chinese medicine more accessible to women who would otherwise find holistic medication too complicated or time-consuming. Out of this desire came Nooci, a company that offers options for “the woman on the go.” Following the increase in demand for TCM, Nooci has undergone a rebrand to better display its East Asian roots. For example, the new logo is reminiscent of the easily identifiable yin/yang symbol. Currently, Nooci offers three products: ReNoo for longevity, Noo Air for sinus-clearing, and Noo Moon for menstrual health.

Image of a plant, lemons, black mug, and a bottle of Elix herbal product.


After going off of traditional birth control, Lulu Ge turned to her ancestral knowledge of TCM to find a holistic alternative. This led her to start Elix, a hormonal health brand that offers personalized herbal remedies for treating women’s health issues. In accordance with traditional Chinese medical practices, the treatment offered by Elix is individualized to each consumer. When buying a product, consumers fill out a customized online form where they list their symptoms, as well as answer a series of relevant questions to help further personalize the treatment.