Connecting with college students

“Fish where the fish are” is a simple concept that never rings truer than when brands take to college campuses to reach young people. Brands employ an array of techniques, including university sponsorships, partnerships, active social media engagement, and exclusive student discounts, all with the aim of cultivating brand loyalty and forging enduring connections with one of the most influential and diverse demographics. Ahead, we delve into the initiatives of three companies reaching out to the college community this Fall.


Launched a year ago, Julie is dedicated to educating college students about its sole product: emergency contraceptives, emphasizing its core value of being "there when you need it." Rather than using a uniform approach on various campuses, Julie is experimenting with different strategies to market the brand and destigmatize emergency contraceptives. These strategies include out-of-home ads, on-campus events, and wrapping Lyft cars with Julie branding. Julie has also partnered with Advocates for Youth and Know Your IX to donate boxes of Julie to 200 campuses.


Announced via Instagram back in August, the University of Michigan launched its partnership with Peloton. It includes U-M branded Peloton bikes at The Big House and campus facilities, discounted student rates for Peloton app classes, student-athlete Name, Image, and Likeness deals, and a sponsorship for Maize Rage, the basketball game cheering section. The University's collaboration with Peloton is part of Peloton's new "College Strategy," aiming to boost brand awareness among students through branded products, promotions, and social media engagement.


Bubble skincare, already available in major retailers like Walmart, CVS, and Ulta since its 2020 launch, is expanding its reach to college campuses through "Bubble on Campus." This initiative involves 1,800 college representatives and 30 ambassadors who promote the brand through word-of-mouth and social media among their peers. These representatives have the chance to earn a 10% commission on sales generated through personal links and participate in brand-directed "missions," like taking pictures with Bubble products on store shelves at Walmart with friends.