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It’s that time of the week again! This first Friday of the shortest month of the year comes with our weekly recap of what’s going on the internet! Culture moves fast, so we at Cassandra keep our eyes and ears open to catch the most relevant topics young people can’t stop talking about online. This week, we will focus on two stories about Taylor Swift and one about Elmo, so it’s a cultural icon-themed edition all around. Buckle up and let’s just jump into today’s Viral News.


Will Taylor Swift be able to make it from her Tokyo Eras Tour concert to the Super Bowl game on Sunday to support Travis Kelce? That is NOT an SAT question but instead the collective concern that has been flooding the internet since the Kansas City Chiefs qualified to play next weekend. From memes to detailed math and physics calculations, every social media site and media outlet has been reeling into this rom-com-coded situation that is only serving as a hype machine for the much anticipated game (and reunion). Even though most of the people are rooting for this couple to have their moment, there are a few vocal detractors that are using this conversation to congregate around conspiracy theories about the celebrities. So, either hopeless romantics or fervent right-wingers, it’s not a lie to claim that right now everyone is talking about the singer and her football star boyfriend. Spoiler: Time zones are in her favor. We checked.


Elmo was really not prepared for the existential dread X (formerly known as Twitter) users were eager to share with him.

Elmo just asked a well-intentioned question.

Little did the Sesame Street digital team know that they would be promptly invited to the ”Today” show or would get a message from President Biden himself when they decided that Elmo would ask an innocuous question to his hundreds of thousands of followers just checking in. What the responses revealed was that many were just waiting to be asked to open the floodgates and share their stress, sadness, disappointment, anger, and many other feelings that might be better suited for a therapist to listen to. In response to the wave of open discussion about mental health, Elmo replied: “Wow! Elmo is glad he asked! Elmo learned that it is important to ask a friend how they are doing.” showing everyone why he’s simply the best.


Do not mess with Tay Tay.

Even though the AI revolution has been going on for a while now and many activists are constantly trying to bring attention to the lack of regulation of the different algorithmic technologies that compose different tools of generative Artificial Intelligence, it wasn’t until very explicit AI generated images of Taylor Swift were shared in X (formerly known as Twitter) that congress is actually pursuing solidify some sort of legislation around the topic. Even though some are annoyed by the fact that the problem needed to affect a celebrity like Swift so that something is done, most of the internet is just grateful that some sort of regulation against deepfakes might be coming soon.