Viral News: MrBeast on Prime, Quiet on Set, JLo Backlash

A peek into the topics buzzing at Cassandra

Friday is here! And like every other week, it brings our recap of all things viral. Culture moves fast, so we at Cassandra keep our eyes and ears open to catch the most relevant topics young people can’t stop talking about online. From explosive revelations about the dark side of kids' TV to J.Lo's Bronx block talk and MrBeast's mega Amazon deal, let's dive right into this week’s edition of Viral News!


In a groundbreaking move, YouTube sensation MrBeast, known for his inimaginable stunts and generous philanthropy, strikes a deal with Amazon MGM for a reality TV competition series, "Beast Games." With a very impressive $100 million deal, Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a MrBeast, ventures into traditional entertainment, aiming to achieve the holy grail of content creators: prove that it’s possible for them to thrive beyond the online realm. The show promises to be a game-changer, offering the 1,000 contestants a shot at what is reportedly the largest cash prize in the U.S. TV history— $5 Million. Online discussions are filled with excitement about the show's potential and the impact it could have on bridging the gap between online and traditional entertainment.


The recent premiere of "Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV" has sent shockwaves through social media. The four-part docuseries delves into the unsettling realities by pulling back the curtain behind beloved shows like The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh, uncovering allegations of abuse, sexism, and predatory behavior on set. The online conversation has been buzzing with discussions about child actor protections —or lack thereof—, the responsibility of production companies, and the need for safer work environments in the entertainment industry. Social media has been filled with speculation since the trailer was released and the conversation is taking center stage the more episodes are out, especially regarding how much of a shock it is for Gen Z to discover what their childhood faves were going through.


Jennifer Lopez finds herself in the midst of Bronx backlash after a clip from her film "This Is Me ... Now: A Love Story" goes viral. Some users who happen to be Bronx residents took to TikTok to humorously critique Lopez's nostalgic remarks about “running up and down the block”, questioning the authenticity of her Bronx upbringing. Some even shared how they were raised in the same school, living a very different story. The memes started and haven’t stopped in the past few days. These hilarious yet pointed responses are shedding some light on how far certain celebrities can push the discourse of relatability without being called out. —Not up and down the block, apparently!