Cassandra’s Latest on Parents!

In Cassandra’s upcoming report, Parents on Board, we dig deeper into the democratic family dynamic of Millennial parents and their Gen Alpha children. When it comes to purchase decisions, we’ve uncovered that their choices and voices behavior is very much a two-way street.


It seems like only yesterday, parents were fastening their Millennial children into car seats and putting those bright yellow “baby on board” signs on the back of their minivans as the world began to perceive children and their role in society in an entirely new way.

So what happens when the OG “baby on board” generation becomes parents themselves? How are Millennial parents disrupting and reshaping modern-day parenting and family dynamics?

As we identified in our landmark Generation Alpha report - “Generation Infinite,” Influence has grown ever more fluid and moves in all directions - from parents down to kids and from kids up to parents.

Cassandra will be diving deeper into this topic when we publish our Parents on Board report next week, available for Cassandra members. In the meantime, we wanted to share a sneak peek at what we’ve learned about the Millennial + Gen Alpha combined cohort. By far the largest parent-child cohort, today's kids are set to overtake their parents in becoming the generation with the greatest spending power in history. A good reason to pay attention and get on board with this cohort!

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