Seeking out the best beauty pop-ups in NYC

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in New York City, so what’s a girl to do? How about going to TikTok, checking out every beauty pop-up event that is happening this weekend, mapping out a plan of attack, and getting as much swag as possible? Here’s how one of Cassandra’s Gen Z Trendsetters spent last Saturday in New York City on the hunt for beauty treats…


New York City is big, and getting from point A to point B can be a challenge, especially when many of the pop-ups are in trucks that are only going to be at a designated location for 45 minutes (or less!). Timing is everything! Best to follow the trucks on Instagram to keep up with their locations in real-time. Here’s my map:


It’s sunny out and I could use some sunscreen. Let’s hit the Supergoop! X Sunscoop “Suntruck” at the corner of Broadway and Spring Street in SoHo. The truck isn’t hard to find, since there are easily 50 people in line waiting to get their plant-based sample of Sunscoop ice cream and Supergoop! sunscreen. As I wait in line, a lovely staffer comes up to have me sign up for a promotional code, in exchange for both my email and phone number. When I finally make my way to the front of the line, I get a sample of “Sweet Sunshine” ice cream, a creamy yellow passionfruit cup of, literally, sweet sunshine. Oh, and don’t forget the samples of Supergoop! bestsellers Glow Screen, Unseen Sunscreen, and Play, along with some cute stickers and more coupon codes.

Next, I go to check out the Alchemy Pop-Up shop that’s happening next door to The Alchemist's Kitchen, an herbal medicine store a block away on Crosby Street. At Alchemy, they have demonstrations on how to make pure skincare happening every half hour. I stay for a demo but then look at where the Hero truck is on Instagram and it looks like it's going to be arriving back at Union Square in about ten minutes. I definitely don’t want to miss that one, so I make a hasty exit.


I’ve just arrived in Union Square via train and look for the Hero Truck. Hero is celebrating their fifth anniversary with a giveaway of their Mighty Patch (original and invisible) as well as their Force Shield sunscreen. Hero doesn’t ask for my email or phone, but they do encourage me to take a selfie to post on their Instagram, which will also appear on the LED screens that adorn the truck. Next and final stop? The FanLoveBeauty event that is happening at the Allure store, back again in SoHo. FanLoveBeauty is releasing two new products with Korean Ginseng technology that’s designed to moisturize the skin. But the event doesn’t start until 4 PM. I wish I had scheduled a food truck pop-up in my schedule…