Brands recognizing the influence of our youngest consumers

Gen Alphas have been in control of their identity from a very early age- learning about brands and seeing what trends are out there, and as uncovered in Cassandra’s Gen Alpha - Generation Infinite report, alpha parents couldn't agree more, with 88% concurring that their children's opinion counts when it comes to clothing, and 75% recognizing that their children's opinion counts when it comes to personal care products. With that said, as shoppers get younger and kids get more experimental, brands are finally starting to catch on to Gen Alpha's eventual purchasing power of $500bn per year, the biggest ever seen.

Image of JB Skrub skincare bottles


In response to the absence of product offerings for young and tween boys, actress Julie Bowen and Conde Nast’s Jill Biren teamed up to launch a skincare and wellness brand, JB Skrub, dedicated to the adolescent group. The duo, both mothers of boys themselves, saw a lack of representation for boys of this age in the market and looked to offer an affordable way for young men to start looking after themselves with science-backed formulas powered by prebiotics and probiotics, plus clean ingredients with antimicrobial properties.

Image of an black Adidas jersey with the red text "Adidas Sportswear" and a person wearing a lavender and black patterned jumpsuit


Partnering with young celebrities, including actor Jenna Ortega, Atlanta Hawks basketball player Trae Young, Australian soccer player Mary Fowler and gamer and social-media influencer Carolina Voltan, Adidas has launched a new label for the first time in 50 years — a new line called Adidas Sportswear that targets Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers, offering comfort and its built-in performance technology. The retailer says the items will include simple cutlines, colorways, and stripped-back design details ​​designed to embody and aptly symbolize how the next generation is showing up in the world.

Image of Zara's makeup Mini Artists line of nail polishes and lip stencils


Fashion chain Zara has recently released a playful collection of beauty products designed for children. Mini Artists was designed by British-born make-up artist Diane Kendal, with a focus to allow children to “push creative self-expression and imagination” through the “exploration of tones, textures and patterns.” The line-up also includes accessories, such as face charts, washable face stencils, face masks, a mixing palette and an apron. “This project is a special one for Diane Kendal, who as a make-up artist combined her knowledge with her own ‘mother experience’, to create a unique offer that enhances childhood favourite moments,” Zara said in a statement.