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Lo and behold, the last day of the work week has arrived! And as usual, with it comes a digest of the most relevant internet news in the past seven days. Culture moves fast, and we at Cassandra try to move even faster to keep up with all the relevant issues Gen Z can't stop discussing. Even though this week had a lot of buzz on the developing situation of host Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News territory, this Friday, while listening to young people, we're hearing more and more about wholesome trends and funny memes. Maybe we all need to catch a break, and Gen Z knows it! So buckle up to talk about a viral song, a viral moment, and a viral trend in this week's edition of —you guessed it— Viral News!

Image of a single blue fish in water


If you've been on TikTok the past week, you probably bumped into the next new wholesomest tune to come along since the big "It's Corn" hit. Created by two Berklee graduates, Corinne Savage —who goes by the stage name Corook— and Olivia Barton, the "If I Were a Fish" song is becoming a hymn of acceptance, inclusion, and empathy embraced by many across the internet. The jingle, which celebrates people (or fishes) being unique and different, also speaks about how the internet can be a mean place and was written as an intimate cheer-up song between the couple. The mental health anthem has raked up over 11 million views and 19k videos using the sound on TikTok. Warning: It's a bop and it's going to stay in your head all day!

Image of the Bed Bath and Beyond logo, but the last work is "Bankruptcy"


The quintessential store where college freshmen went to buy their dorm room necessities is closing, and many on the internet are taking the bad news with a lot of humor and, of course nostalgia. From the resurgence of the Broad City running joke where Abbi Jacobson's character is obsessed with the store to people hunting for the upcoming sales in her name, the closing of the staple retail brand pushed consumers to use their coupons before they expired…but for real this time. Still, apparently, some users share that the current discounts are not that attractive... yet.

Image of a vintage, warm TV over a wood paneled wall with the text, "#wesandersontrend" over it


The very recognizable style of the film director Wes Anderson has become the fuel for the most recent trend on TikTok to highlight both mundane and not-so-much events in the life of users. The highly symmetric, old-timey, and whimsical stylistic choices of these videos created by TikTok users try to give an aesthetically pleasing twist by emulating the auteur. The tag #wesandersontrend currently has over 17 million videos which mostly are either takes on this trend using the Alexandre Desplat song, Obituary, or tips and tricks to achieve the very particular vibe of the director of Moonrise Kingdom (2012), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), The French Dispatch (2022), and others.