Don’t blink - you'll miss these lashing good trends!

Over the past decade, lash enhancements have undergone a remarkable transformation. This evolution includes the introduction of individual eyelash extensions, a surge in professionals offering these services, the emergence of at-home lash products, and a variety of other options that deliver beautifully enhanced, natural-looking lashes.

Notably, TikTok is teeming with DIY lashes and DIYlashextensions videos, collectively amassing over 2.1B views. Furthermore, the demand for "DIY lashes" has spiked by 148% in the past five years.

With the introduction of new lash extension curls, finishes, and innovative techniques, the world of lash enhancements has attained a new level of versatility; we peep into some of the other alternatives that achieve elevated, natural-looking lashes.


The world of "lash shampoo" is booming right now, especially for lash extensions. These products are all about creating foamy solutions that delicately cleanse your lashes, getting rid of dirt, oil, and leftover stuff. And the best part? They use friendly ingredients like tea tree oil, glycerin, and chamomile.

Conversely, for those looking to give their lashes a quick pick-me-up or keep them looking full for a long time, MAC's dry shampoo is a fantastic option. It's meant to breathe life back into mascara that's been on for a while, and it does the trick with a special, gentle wand that doesn't yank or tug at your lashes.


If you're looking to save time in the morning, you've probably heard about the lash lift and tint craze embraced by celebrities, including Katy Perry and Kim K to name but a few. This technique is changing the game when it comes to getting voluminous lashes without extensions or mascara. It's all about using a gentle chemical solution to lift, curl, and tint your lashes. And the best part? The results can stick around for 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your lashes. This means you can wake up to fabulous lashes every day without the hassle of constant touch-ups.


Thanks to BeautyTok, underlashing has become a hot beauty trend in the past year. It's all about putting false lashes under your natural ones instead of the traditional on-top method, which is supposed to give a natural lift to the eyes.

Ardell Lashes is joining the party with their fresh Wispies kit. It gives you a medium-volume look with layers crossing over. The kit includes 36 Underlash Extensions in four lengths, Black Bond, Clear Seal, Remover, and an Applicator – everything you need for lashes that'll leave everyone wide-eyed with wonder!