Black-Owned Businesses

Stories of Innovation and Impact

In celebration of Black History Month, we are showcasing three Black-owned businesses doing innovative things in a variety of categories.


Anima Iris, founded by Wilglory Tanjong and named for the founder’s mother and closest childhood friend, is a luxury designer handbag line, handcrafted in Dakar, Senegal. The brand partners with local Senegalese business owners to acquire materials and has a zero-waste model through their manufacturing process. Many of the handbags showcase bright colors and patterns, standing out from other more subdued handbag lines. And speaking of color, last year the brand received their own color from Pantone. The brand has also gained notoriety among big stars, including Beyonce who posted a photo on her Instagram with an Amina Iris bag


Hanifa is a global luxury brand that puts creativity front and center. Founded by Anifa Mvuemba after dropping out of a fashion merchandising program in 2012, the brand celebrates individuality and empowers women to strive for excellence and be their own person. Hanifa is committed to bringing luxury fashion to more people with pieces rarely above $300. The designs are also size-inclusive ranging from XS-3XL. The brand encourages living up to your fullest potential with their signature mantra, “For women without limits.”


Partake Foods is a brand that crafts delicious and allergy-friendly cookies. Founded in 2016 by Denise Woodard, the company’s mission was inspired by her daughter’s food allergies. Partake Foods allergy-friendly offerings include both crunchy and soft-baked cookie flavors. The company is committed to using better-for-you ingredients like buckwheat, cassava, oats, and cinnamon. Their products are safe for those with allergies and just as enjoyable for everyone else. They are also on a mission to support families facing food insecurity. So, when you indulge in Partake’s cookies, you’re not only treating yourself but also making a positive impact!