Virtual experiences take hold

These days, there’s not a whole lot you can do in the real world that you can’t also do – often in even more interesting and interactive ways – in the virtual world, too. Today, we’re taking a look at the events happening in the metaverse, from marathons to marriages (weddings are trending in 2022, after all!), and how brands are getting involved.


Earlier this week, deodorant brand Degree hosted a marathon in the metaverse. A metathon, if you will. The event, which took place on the platform Decentraland, aimed to advocate for much-needed diversity and accessibility in the virtual world. Participants were able to create avatars with adaptive wearables like prostheses, and the virtual course – covering 26.2 virtual miles of the Vegas City Sports Quarter, Decentraland’s largest district – was wheelchair-friendly. Beyond the event, Degree is committed to building a more inclusive metaverse through changes like implementing non-binary avatars and audio descriptions for people with visual impairments.


This weekend, the first music awards show to take place in the metaverse will premiere on Roblox. Hosted by influencer Bretman Rock, the Logitech Song Breaker Awards will honor the creators who shape pop music through social media, with an emphasis on TikTok and YouTube. Lizzo will be making her Roblox debut with her new song “Special,” and GAYLE – who rose to fame on TikTok – will perform her hit “abcdefu.” Ahead of the event, Roblox users can explore the pre-show experience, which, unlike traditional awards pre-shows, includes activities like swimming in a rainbow river and riding virtual roller coasters.


A Phoenix couple made history earlier this year when the pair – who were first married 14 years ago after meeting on Match.com – tied the knot in Decentraland. They recorded their metaverse marriage license and prenup (which covers their shared digital assets) as NFTs to be stored on the blockchain. Talk about everlasting love! For those who wish to follow suit, Decentraland’s Closeup City Hall of Love allows couples to “marry” their customized avatars in front of friends and family and mint their own NFT marriage certificates.

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