April 18th is upon us, and unless you’re celebrating an extension, today is Tax Day. And unfortunately many Millennials and Gen Zs say they actually don't know how to file taxes, which is made even more confusing when juggling a side hustle(s) and all the 1099s that come with them. However, some brands are stepping in to teach some much needed financial literacy. So today, we’re looking at how a few brands (most within the financial sector but one that very much is not) are becoming a trusted source for tax advice and helping to guide consumers through this painful but unavoidable process.

Image of the TurboTax logo


This year, TurboTax stepped up for Gen Z by providing tax education for all college students, student-athletes, and the greater Gen Z population. Through “edutaining” content, real-life experiences, on-campus ambassadors, and student-athlete influencers, TurboTax is looking to educate students and student-athletes on the importance of understanding their taxes and empowering them to take control of their finances whether they are a college athlete or a student working part-time.

Text quote, “I typically file my taxes using an online service such as Turbotax and FreeTaxUSA.”

— Samuel, 22, OH (Cassandra Collective)

    Image of the Secret deodorant logo with the text, "No More [Financial] Secrets Advancing women's equality through economic empowerment" over a light blue background


    With April also lending itself to Financial Literacy Month, Secret Deodorant wants to help Gen Z women stop sweating their finances by introducing a multi-year financial empowerment initiative that provides 1 million young women with access to in-depth financial courses and training resources developed and led by highly-renowned female financial experts. The initiative is designed to support young women at the very start of their independent financial journeys, providing them with the foundational tools needed to succeed today and, in turn, improve their financial wellness.

    Text quote, “I usually have a lot of 1099s to add to my taxes, and it makes me worried whether I'm doing it right or not.”

    — Melissa, 23, FL (Cassandra Collective)

      Image of the Northwestern Mutual logo with the text, "Let's Go From PINNING to PLANNING"


      Last month, Northwestern Mutual announced a unique collaboration with Pinterest to launch From Pinning to Planning, helping to bridge the gap between vision boards and taking action, making it easier for people to tap into financial planning through the guidance of an advisor. The effort is an extension of the financial institution’s “The Great Realization” national brand campaign and arrives as it continues to vie for Gen Z attention. Central to the effort is an online questionnaire designed to match users to one of eight different personality types called Pinterest Personas, with each result spurring customized advice from financial advisors. The quiz is live now through May 31.

      Text quote, “In my opinion, it is better to use an online tool to file taxes.”

      — Joshua, 18, OH (Cassandra Collective)