NEW YEAR, Refocus on Work

Happy New Year from all of us here at Cassandra! As we settle into a new work day, week and year, it is worth noting that 2024 is the year that Gen Zs will begin to outnumber Boomers in the workforce. Although they won’t make up the largest portion of workers until well into the 2040s, they’re already sparking conversations around what the future of the workplace may look like. Some companies are adopting innovative policies and practices to better align with Gen Z values. Let’s take a look at some examples:


PinFlex is Pinterest’s flexible work program that allows employees to choose their own location. Whether they want to work from home, a co-working space, or a different country, PinFlex gives them the freedom and support to do so. Employees can even spend up to three months in a 12-month period working abroad. Of course, Pinterest also values face-to-face collaboration and socializing, so it encourages employees to come to the office for important meetings, events, and celebrations. PinFlex has been a success for both the company and its employees.


Rokt, a digital marketing platform, believes that investing in its employees’ personal and professional growth will keep them happy and motivated. Since the company’s $5,000 credit toward personal and career improvement was going unused, Rokt decided to up the ante and offer a full-time self-improvement concierge whose job is to help employees find and enroll in the best programs for their goals and interests.


ThredUp, decided to implement a 4-day work week for its salaried employees, giving them an extra day off every week to do whatever they want. ThredUp has seen some impressive results from its 4-day work week experiment: the company reported a 55% decrease in turnover and 93% of these employees self-reported an increase in productivity. Additionally, more than half of the company’s new employees said the shorter work week impacted their decision to join the team. ThredUp, and other companies who offer a 4-day work week, may inspire other businesses to rethink their work culture and adopt more flexible practices.