It's National Grammar Day!

The Rise of AI Tools for Better Communication

Did ya know? Today is National Grammar Day. The day that is designed to encourage the “use of correct grammar in both verbal and written language”. So, let’s talk about some of the newest AI tools designed to help us with our writing and communication. Now, with no dangling prepositions, let's kick this off.


Founded in late 2022, CaktusAI and its proprietary language model, Eguana, is reported to have a user base of over 2.5 million students in more than 80 countries. Billing themselves as the “Best Proprietary Academic AI Model for Education'' they received their first seed round of investment in the spring of last year. The company’s mission is to bring “students together to normalize generative AI in education”. While there is much discussion over the use of AI in education, CaktusAI was designed for academic use by both teachers and students. In addition to offering students research backed writing, notes ideation and helping to identify core concepts in lectures and videos, the platform also offers tools for teachers, such as a proprietary plagiarism detector. To start, we particularly liked CaktusAI’s 230+ transition words for argumentative essays.


Targeting not only students but academics and knowledge workers, Unriddle.AI is designed to help the user “read, write and learn faster”. Once a document is uploaded, Unriddle generates an AI assistant to sit on top of this data, and automatically links notes and documents within your library based upon meaning. Unriddle provides a browser extension that can summarize articles on the Web, and currently supports 30+ languages


Now a Gen Z itself, Grammarly is the OG of AI writing tools, first developed in 2009. With users in academia and across business functions, Grammarly boasts over 30 million uses and 70,000 teams. Grammarly is a versatile writing tool that offers advanced grammar and spelling checks, ensuring written content is clear and error-free. With its intuitive interface and insightful suggestions, Grammarly serves as a valuable companion for writers across various genres and skill levels.