The other “new socials” in town

It's been a minute since the likes of X and Threads hit our radar to shake up the social landscape. Along with TikTok on the forever precipice of being banned and BeReal on the decline, alternative apps have been fighting to increase their market share amongst the younger population - and some have been steadily making progress. Ahead, let's check in on how this latest crop is hoping to appeal to today’s socially savvy Gen Z crowd.


Social media for social good is a simple but powerful concept that Roar Social runs with. This isn't your regular video-sharing app. It's more like a platform that wants to fire up Gen Z and Millennials to show what they care about and turn popular stuff online into a force for good. Users pick a cause they're into, like climate change or mental health, and when they share a post, it gets tagged with that cause's symbol, so all the videos on the platform are firmly linked to a meaningful CTA.


Female-founded social networking startup RTRO recently launched its app with the goal of connecting brands, creators, and their fans and followers in a more positive environment focused on human connections and communities, not algorithm-driven content. Users can connect with friends and family or see content from creators and brands in their own space. The app has ChatGPT interaction to offer cool ideas and inspo for things to do, make, and try IRL, and claims to offer robust content moderation features that focus on keeping the app free from bullying and toxicity.


Although it’s not necessarily brand new to the scene, Yubo was created to make it easier for Gen Z to expand their social circles online with new friends from around the world. With over 60M users, the uptake has been fierce where users see it as a place to have fun, chat, play games, earn YBucks, and livestream in the ‘Yuboverse’ with up to 10 people, play virtual games, and share screens. There are separate communities for those aged 13-18 and those over the age of 18 to help keep young people safe on the app.