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This past August, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) predicted that business travel would recover to its pre-pandemic levels of $1.4 trillion in 2024 and continue to grow to almost $1.8 trillion by the end of 2027. For many younger workers, this may represent their first foray into the world of business travel. Below, we have a look at what this means, as well as a sneak peek of industry events that Cassandra is looking forward to in the coming weeks!


Earlier this month, Hilton's 2024 travel trends report found that Gen Zs and Millennials were going to be the most likely to travel for business in 2024. And from Cassandra’s prior research, we know that Gen Z business travelers are increasingly opting for blended travel experiences, like "Workations." The report also found that more than one-third of Gen Z business travelers are looking to extend their 2024 business trips to include leisure time before or after their work obligations. The "bleisure" trend, where business and leisure travel combine, is undeniably gaining momentum.


October 23-25

For the past 20 years, The Market Research Event has been one of the preeminent conferences for the insights and research community. This year’s theme, “Make Change your Super Power,” will focus on opportunities amidst the rapid pace of change. Big Village, Cassandra’s parent company, will present our findings with Moms from our extensive conversations with moms on our MomLife panel, where we have accumulated over 5,000 minutes of insights with moms. In an economic landscape marked by inflation, rising interest rates, and on-again, off-again recession scares, understanding their purchase decisions and what is driving them has never been more critical.

Two trillion dollars: this is the estimated spending power of today’s mothers, who wield influence over more than 85% of all household purchase decisions. In the post-pandemic world, Gen Alpha families have ushered in new dynamics. Over 90% of today’s moms express a desire for their Gen Alpha kids to play a role in family purchase decisions. We are witnessing the move from traditional “pester power” to a more collaborative buying model, where mom is firmly at the helm.

See this session on TMRE Day 3: Wednesday, October 25 @ 11:05 AM.


November 1-3, 2023

Another great insights conference is the Corporate Researchers Conference, whose theme this year is Driving Growth in Turbulent Times. At CRC, we will be sharing a case study on our work with the Aruba Tourism Authority, where we integrated insights into their campaign, partnering closely with Aruba’s creative agency at Big Village. Developing a segmentation to better understand the expectations and decision-making of would-be visitors to the island, the results were infused across every element of the business, including media planning, messaging, PR, and innovation.

See this session at CRC Day 3: Thursday, November 2 @ 3:05 PM

If you will be at CRC and TMRE, we look forward to meeting you!