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It's Friday again, so it's time for our weekly recap of viral news. Culture moves fast, and we at Cassandra try to move even faster to keep up with all the topics creating conversations in the online world of Gen Z. This week we're discussing a seemingly smart drinking trend that is now deemed dangerous, the possible massive rejection of a giant social media platform, and the internet's favorite "daddy" setting some boundaries—all this and more in today's edition of viral news.

Image of a jug of juice with the text "BORG" on the right over a white background


After a few months of college-age Gen Zs sharing with the world their new concoction -the "borg" or "blackout rage gallons"- the drinking trend consisting of mixing alcohol, water, electrolytes like liquid IV, and flavoring in a plastic gallon jug has been raising eyebrows all around. Even though some patted themselves on the back for incorporating hydration while drinking alcohol, the overall drinking-out-of-a-jug actually encourages dangerous binge drinking. This past Saturday night, dozens of students at the University of Massachusetts were taken to the hospital after Borg-binging too hard. The students are reported to be alright, but even though it was funny at the beginning, with some naming their plastic gallon bottles silly names and sharing them on TikTok, this trend can be really dangerous if precautions aren’t taken when it comes to setting limits. Drink responsibly!

Image of an apocalyptic scene with the screen shot of an article headline, "Pedro Pascal Praised For Refusing To Read Dirty 'Daddy' Tweets About Himself"


Media outlets have been going bonkers for some time now over Pedro Pascal, naming the star of hit shows The Mandalorian and The Last Of Us the internet's "daddy." This week, we saw Pascal establishing some healthy boundaries around this trend. On a recent red carpet, the actor refused to play into the trope when a reporter tried to get him to read some thirsty tweets about himself for the camera. The internet seems to agree with him according to the reactions to his recent interview on the hit YouTube show "Hot Ones," where the conversation between Pedro and host Sean Evans was praised and qualified as "refreshing" because it focused on the actor's career instead of his sex appeal. But let’s be honest, these healthy boundaries are only going to add to his endearing appeal.

Image of a hand holding a phone with a folder of social media apps on the screen


Is it time to cut off one of the most influential social media platforms of the last ten years? Apparently, Americans are seriously thinking about it, according to cyber-security firm VPNOverview. Online searches for “how to delete an Instagram account” ranked highest out of the 30 most popular apps analyzed in this study (the lowest? TikTok). Even though the photo app continues to be highly prevalent in the world of social media, it's publicly underperforming. Struggling to compete with the clock app and failing to address the harmful effects it has reportedly had on young people's mental health, the future of this tech giant is in a very uncertain place. Right now, the #DeleteInstagram on TikTok (with 2.5 million views already) gathers videos of users that narrate their experiences and reasoning when deleting their Instagram accounts.