Celebrating the dads in our lives.

As Father’s Day draws near, shelves everywhere are being stocked with greetings cards that depict the activities dads get up to, grilling, fishing, golfing, using power tools, and drinking beer, and as such, brands and celebs are launching campaigns focused on remembering the best moments of life with fathers and fatherly figures to highlight their support. In recognition of all things fatherly, ahead, we take a look at some of the other ways ‘good old Dad’ has cropped up in recent chatter.


Catching the media's attention across both sides of the pond, Goop has made headlines yet again for its controversial offerings. When it comes to Goop gift ideas, your standard greeting card is hardly going to cut it, and this year, the Gwyneth Paltrow-helmed lifestyle label didn’t ditch its buzzy product picks for Father’s Day, as it dropped a gift guide featuring everything from four-figure jewelry to sex toys for prostate stimulation. In the introduction for the gaudy gift guide, Goop editors explained that they wanted to “keep broadening the field” in their present suggestion.


Far and wide, tens of thousands of fans are packing stadiums nightly for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the Swift fans are just teenage girls - they're also all the dads that came with their children. These so-called ‘Swiftie Dads’ are dressing up in matching costumes. They’re spending hours refreshing Ticketmaster. They’re in their Midnight's era, listening to playlists curated by their kids in preparation for the big show, and there’s even a home for them over on TikTok with over 41M video views dedicated to these unexpected fans.


Brooks Brothers is paying homage to its heritage in its new Father’s Day campaign. “Celebrating Dads Since 1818” speaks to the retailer's history, which has dressed dads for over 200 years. Actors such as Succession star Nicholas Braun, creators, and chefs appear in the campaign along with their children sharing memories about fatherhood, their favorite dad jokes, impactful advice, and stories about their own Brooks Brothers experiences.