Gen Zs ‘core’ looks for Summer

As uncovered in Cassandra’s latest report That's So Aesthetic, 55% of Gen Z consider clothing the most important aspect of their aesthetic. It's no surprise then that young people are planning their summer wardrobes and considering which statement pieces or trends to include. From the latest must-have item in the Barbiecore aesthetic to the Mermaidcore look making a splash, fashion has evolved to a new level for this generation. Read below to learn what’s on the forefront of fashion for Summer ‘23.


The naked fashion trend has been going strong all year on the red carpet from the Oscars to Cannes and even to this past weekend’s premiere of the Barbie movie where Dua Lipa brought together Barbiecore, Mermaidcore AND naked fashion to stunning effect. And now it would seem that naked fashions have made it to the street, a sign of the positive reinforcement around people being comfortable in their own skin.


Get ready for yee-haw vibes all summer, thanks to endless TikTok inspo videos raking up over 141M views and endless style guides fusing rugged ranch style with beachside glamor. Combining anything from vests and overalls (because “cowgirl”) to bikini tops and tropical wraps (because “coastal”) this is less of a fashion trend and more of a vibe. Meanwhile, coastal cowgirl has evolved into a lifestyle — with Spotify already curating a "Coastal Cowgirl" playlist to ensure your next summer beach bash doubles as a hoedown at the same time.


TikTok's newest trend, 'Europecore,'' is all about embracing a way of dressing when you're on holiday that you wouldn't normally wear at home - think puffy-sleeved dresses, lace skirts, and loads of silk. Many believe that people are using "Europecore" as a means of escapism, with the thought of putting on a flowing matching set and embracing soft living being easier than visiting Europe - or as a way to manifest a European trip in the near future.

For more on fashion and aesthetics, such as 71% of Gen Zs agreeing that they have changed their aesthetic “because I found something new to try” , check out Cassandra’s latest report That's So Aesthetic, available to members.